Cerim's Crucible Too Long Until Boss

Right now when you die inside the crucible it takes you back to the surface and you have to make another offering to start over. If you die in the boss fight which is very likely to happen, you’ll have to get through all 8 levels again. It’s not funny going through everything over and over again.

I know it’s a skill issue but the penalty is just too high in my opinion. I would like to see a respawn location saved after you beat each level or just even one before the boss fight. You can have players make another offering but let them spawn in the level they died in. Other people also had some suggestions like reducing the total number of floors, etc.


+1 This is definitely annoying to have to restart trash mobs every time. I want to practice the boss, not the mob I killed 1000 times.


well this is meant to be THE endgame and optional it’s supposed to be a place to test your skill and your build to survive the gauntlet of enemies.

having a checkpoint each level would make it no different to just fighting in the open world and would completely beat the purpose of a endgame.


Disagree, each floor is small and some only have 3-4 enemies sometimes, the only issue is not being able to reliably practice the boss - Rest is fine


I agree after just dying to the boss because the targeting system randomly untargeted it and made me dodge into a ground Pestilence instead of away, it is frustrating to have to spend ten minutes running through the crucible mobs I one shot with fireball just to get to the boss again. They need to zoom out the screen a bit on that boss fight at least so the system doesn’t randomly lose the target.

Also they could just make it so you could restart at the boss until you beat it or leave, then if you do either, you have to start the crucible over.

Really need to work on that targeting system for larger rooms where the boss goes below screen randomly, then shoots from off screen or you just lose target randomly.
Hard lock the boss in boss fights at least unless I manually unlock it.

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It’s literally the current end game, being challenging is the entire point.

They make it any easier, people will beat it in no time and whine there’s no enough to do.

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I know it’s END END game, but there should be somewhat of a pity mechanism. Like going from 8 → 7 → 6 up until something like 3 maybe every time you die and then it should just stay at 3 forever.

Edit: I agree with Crucible being a nice farm, even though I am unlucky xD. So maybe have the pity mechanism only as long as you keep dying to the boss. When killed it should reset. This way there is no PRO to farming until the boss and then die and the original idea stays intact.

Each stage takes like 3 minutes. I waste more time when I go to town to restock and vendor trash items.

Moreover, those stages are the best farming in the game, enjoy them. Build wealth for the next phase of early access, or max roll your items.

I’d like to see more variety in the levels to keep players on their toes, but less levels required to reach the boss. Maybe 1 or 2 less.

I’m not gonna say “skill issue” or “get good” or anything of the sort.

I will say I appreciate the challenge and have no real problem with the current design of the crucible. It can be grueling and it does mean I’m gonna have to really pick up my farming for heals and other consumables so i can make it to the boss.

While I have no problems with the current design, I have one idea to throw out.

Allow players to spawn to previously completed floors, however increase the Ember cost to spawn there.

I like to keep the element of risk/reward. Skipping out on any of the levels actually hurts you because you miss out on potential high tier loot (which always has a chance of surpassing what the boss gives). If you’re willing to take that trade off to just “see the end” then a higher cost should be required imo.

I’d even throw gold and silver into the costs. If you want to skip the first 3 floors because you fell off the cliff on level 4, then the cost should be 3 Embers and 15-40 silver. Or something along those lines.

I feel the same, it feels long when you are under leveled and still getting good.

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I agree

Right now im endgame, have a couple builds that just walks through the floors with ease and its annoying when farming boss to slip up, have the lock on fail and have to head back to farm the pointless floors.

They need to have multiple seperate crucible challenges

  • single boss Crucibles
  • Mutli-floor increasing difficulty Crucibles

In its current state a possible temporary fix could be the option to utilise 5 Embers as 5 lives withing your run.

You res on the floor you died (not that this ever happens anymore) or at the boss if you’re fighting him

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I’m almost level 30 and I’ve come so close to beating the boss 3 or 4 times. 3 of those times I died, because of environmental glitches, and the last one I was basically one shot in the entryway. I’ve run the crucible over 20 times and it’s brutal having to go through all the levels every time. Once you reach the boss a certain amount of times, there should be an auto boss fight or significantly fewer mobb levels.


Yes, but then they shouldn’t have let us do the crucible this early. some of us just can’t beat certain bosses without being able to reliably and consistently practice a boss. sometimes when I finally reach him, I can’t even get him to phase 2. it stupid. if the crucible is available for us at a level 30 cap, we should be able to beat it.

brother, I feel your pain. that’s literally my struggle right now.

Plenty of people can beat it, you’re having a problem. This game is heavily influenced by the Souls games, which are made with the intent that not everyone will be able to beat the hardest content.

I made a similar thread about this issue.

Posting for visibility, would prefer less rooms or a boss checkpoint mechanism.

As far as it being “the current end game”, so what? Once you get to level 30, having to spend 15 minutes repeating 8 boring rooms for a single attempt at the boss isn’t fun. There’s no “engaging challenge” in that.

The current iteration of the crucible is probably a “placeholder endgame”, and presumably could be changed to make it more fun and enjoyable while they work on the rest of the game.

If someone wants to get more hours out of the game they’ll make new realms and new characters. Being forced to spend hours clearing trash rooms to have a go at the current hardest boss isn’t fun. Fighting the boss is the fun part, the rooms are just padding.

I don’t see how making me jump through extra hoops is supposed to be “the hardest content”. It’s just tedious.

They added the crucible just as appetizer for the endgame fetishists.
I guess it will be a disconnected challenge from the main progression. The fact that its that early is the lack of main content.

I don´t agree. The crucible is mean to be as a dungeon where you have to pass the levels until you get to the final boss.

Is the way is mean to be and its good. It´s endgame content.

Maybe in future they can add a boss rush or something like that but the crucible is good.

Today I can make the entire crucible (boss included) in no more than 8 minutes.
This is so much time for you? Then you have to improve your gear and maybe know better the enemies.

The penalty is only that you have to restart the crucible with a new ember… you take the xp and the items although you die… I don´t see punishment in that. Even you can grind level with the system as is done nowadays.