Crucible has too many floors until boss

So I’ve been grinding at crucible lately, and only recently discovered that there’s actually a boss at the end of it. I didn’t know this before because of how many freaking floors you have to go through to actually reach it - I haven’t gotten an actual count, but its definitely at least 7 or 8, which is too damn many.

Why is it too many? Because the boss is freaking hard.

I’m totally fine with the game having hard bosses, and I’m willing to accept a boss you can only reach after fighting your way through a bunch of enemies, but getting to the point where you can actually make another attempt at the boss takes a minimum of fifteen minutes, which is frankly ridiculous.

I feel like the crucible should be five floors deep at the maximum - four floors of baddies to beat your way through, and a fifth which contains the boss. Maybe higher tier crucible things could have more floors, but if there’s already a tier system for crucible, I don’t know that because I’ve been unable to beat the first tier. And if we do have different crucible tiers, the first tier should only have three floors, to get you introduced to the mechanics.

tldr; Crucible has way too many floors between you and the boss, pls reduce to a max of 5


Agreed! It has killed my hype for playing as its the last piece of content i need to complete. After 20+ runs I’m fed up with spending 15-20min just getting to the damn boss. Not to mention the crucible itself poses little to no challenge once you have maxed your gear out.

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Yup. Slogging your way through all one billion floors of crucible to reach the boss is just unfun once you’re geared up. The enemies die quickly, and when they don’t die quickly its probably because its a bloody difficult group fight that has the potential to stunlock you to death, resetting you back to the top of the crucible, potentially losing 10+ minutes of progress.

Like I mentioned before, reducing the amount of floors in crucible would solve this, but what would also solve the problem is having any kind of checkpoint system where you can start from floors deeper down - preferably right at the boss.

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Definitely agree. I know it’s a skill issue, but still, I believe I should have the chance to ‘git gud’ by actually fighting against the boss again and again, learning it’s mechanics, instead of trudging through 7-8 levels of rather easily doable content just to have another try against the Echo Knight.

Yesterday was the first day I got to the boss, and of course I got eviscerated by him, but the long way there totally took away my spirit of trying again…

I agree, here’s a link to a similar post I made.

Posting for visibility, I’d prefer if there was less rooms, or if there was a checkpoint before the boss.