Crucible and Echo knight fight

When you get killed by Echo Knight you have to run whole 7 floors again. That seems extremely punishing considering those 7 floors are not rewarding almost at all.

Also EK fight if you get hit by his fireball you just lost because it downs you and you have no way to get up fast enough to dodge next fireball.

please do use the search function. there is a post that even has the same title. and many many more.

it helps us all wen we consolidate our feedback.

and as posted in (almost) all of the threads above and many more i did not link:

the crucible is not finished yet. the plan is (as far as i know) to make it a rogue like dungeon. meaning at some point we will be able to pick up perks on or after each floor, so each run is different. there are also plans to add higher tier items, so it will def. become easier.

and even now it is rewarding, as you get a ton of items and money, and you even get upgrade materials with a (what seems like) higher drop chance, or even rare materials you otherwise only get via merchants (grinnich).

there have also been several discussions about checkpoints and on why they would defy the whole rogue like idea.

if you want to push this to the devs attention, i would recommend using the thread with the most votes and the most discussions, so you can get a picture on what was already discussed. plus it makes it easier for the dev team when we consolidate all suggestions in 1 master-thread. i recommend this one: Echo Knight and the Crucible

and there are also several threads on builds and strategies that help with EK: life leech, focus, parry, etc. just browse a bit and you will find what suits your needs.

hope this helps.

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