Cerim Crucible Change

I just beat the crucible and it was not fun to beat the last boss because it takes too long to get back to it. It takes at least 10 minutes and I was doing the run pretty optimized. If those 10 minutes were engaging I would not have a problem with it. But its the same map same enemies over and over again and at some point I figured out ways to trivialize them because it was just so boring I wanted to make it as quick as possible. Because it takes too long to get back I basically drank big focus potions and spammed weapon skills to beat the boss without even taking damage. The boss fight itself is actually super good but I could not even enjoy that because if I failed it would take 10 boring minutes to get back and enjoy the fight. So my suggestion to make this more enjoyable is to implement a quick access of sorts to the boss fight.

Lets say I made it to the boss 10 (or some other number) times already. Now I get the option to use lets say 5 (or some other number) fallen ambers (or maybe some other rare recourse specifically for this) to retry the boss immediately (or maybe just shorten the path to it). Once you kill it it can reset the crucible. I think this would make it so much more enjoyable without making it easy.

This is a good solution: Cerim Crucible Change - #4 by Kevin_Schnaubelt


Because the boss is bound to farming good items, it would be bad to let you only do the boss without reducing loot and a bad chance of getting good items.


Maybe the boss could get more difficult if I do the quick access option or like you said reduces drop rates. This is if we can go immediately. If we just shorten the path to the boss I don’t think this is needed as much. I just hated every second of going thru the rooms but I loved the boss.

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What they need to is, after getting to the boss, you can use embers to just go right back to it until you kill it. Every time you fail, you spent another ember to get another attempt.

Once you kill it, the Crucible resets.


This makes sense to me. I agree.

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I agree, that a good thing. Makes it more rewarding on the first run and keeps up the game loop and isn’t that punishing if people fail.

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Yes, for me once you reach the boss they should allow the player to take on the boss 3 times before making you play all the lvls from the start. Also, everyone is beating campaing at lvl 15 approx. Crucible lvl for enemies and boss should be set at 17 for everyone lvl 15 or lower, then after lvl 17, enemies and the boss should be 2 lvls above your lvl that way it feels rewarding and challenging into some extent. Crucible will be fun once they introduce multiplayer. Tbh now that I am thinking aboyt it, they should have completely removed crucible from first early access. Crucible then needed to be introduced in the second major uptade together with co-op and pvp then no that would be a hell lot of fun!!! being invaded at the crucible but also playing with your buddies or randomized the last boss where you have to fight a pvp player damn !!!

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Making it to the boss room alone is a feat. There should be a save point there.


We need a change. Any change.
Their idea to follow similar games makes sense, make a dungeon you have to go through to get to the boss with the good loot.

However the main difference is that you are forced to kill all enemies in this game. Diablo and Dark Souls allows you to skip all enemies if you want and get straight to the boss. This could also be a fix, its a recipe that obviously works.

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i think this is intentional, slowing down the “learning the boss”. and it kinda works. agreed the mobs need to get harder, because I’m also just rushing through to have an actual challenge with him, meaning there should probably be another 5 levels with harder enemies in between and that there should probably be checkpoints every 5 levels. i think restarting 2-3 levels before the boss is fine, as i think, practically infinite retries (farming embers) shouldn’t be a viable strategy

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I think making more of the rooms and harder is a bad idea. They were hard at the start anyways. More rooms means more rooms to be hard at first then become trivial again then you are left with the same problem.

Also the boss already has practically infinite retries it just takes 10 very boring minutes to retry.

true, but the cost isn’t embers, it’s time. and you decide if the legendary gear or the challenge is worth it. and i agree 10 minutes of just padding are a bit much, but i’m thinking it should probably be a 3 level challenge.

because what you said about the difficulty of the rooms is also true for the boss. initially he is hard, but the more you practice, the easier he gets. so this padding is actually there to keep him hard AND INTIMIDATING as long as possible.

So i kinda like the idea of padding… a bit… so in a way you have to deserve to try to kill the boss, but with less padding but more challenge :wink:


Yeah I get it. Some(preferably little imo) amount of padding is good maybe.

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I agree, personally, I won’t attempt it again until they do something with this runback, in all souls games I didn’t have worse experience. Even runback to Sir Alonne in Dark Souls 2 was way better than this…

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This is actaully an excellent simple solution. So simple that no one even thought of it.

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So this is my final idea after combining other peoples suggestions:

After lets say I make it to the boss 10 times with the regular rooms (which means I “learned” the rooms) I receive a certain number of(2-3) special ambers to use which if I use those puts me right at the boss.

Until I run out of those special ambers I can retry the boss immediately. When I run out I have to use normal ambers to redo the crucible the normal way. And from that point on I can get more special ambers if I make it to the boss. If I kill the boss it spends all of the special embers so I have to go through the rooms again.

This gives players who “learned” the dungeon rooms more tries at the boss without it being boring. This also ensures there is some amount of padding. You have to go through the rooms once in a while after “learning” so you prove that you are still worthy of challenging the boss.

Good solution for having a quick access to final boss, however it feels like this way part of the game just gets disregarded.

I think we need more intresting stages, not to skip them, but make a run more unique, it will keep crucible replaceable for longer time. Since sooner or later even farming special embers will feel like a chore, because nothing changed in stages.

Most obvious solution is make it more like rouge-lite experience, it’s already have part of the formula, just add missing pieces:

  • At the and of each stage get 3-5 option for temporary buffs, unil player dies
  • A chance to get a crucible-only weapon for this specific run, with cool affixes
  • Stats buffs
  • Enemy buffs - the greater challenge, the greater rewards

There is an entire genre of this kinda game-loops and they keep players for dozen of hours, while after 4-6 hours in crucible it become mondain for me.

This power-ups should keep runs fresh, I put about 250h in Risk Of Rain series, 30h in 20 minutes before the dawn, so if crucible had a spin to it, I totally would play it more


Yes more variation between the runs is a good idea. But i still think special amber idea is good. I like to fight bosses more then normal enemies.

Also maybe I wasn’t so clear but special ambers should disappear from your inventory if you beat the boss. So farming them would be kinda pointless(other than getting more tries on the boss until you beat it). Or you could just make it so you can’t farm them there is a limit to how much of it you can own.

Yo, you know what, they should make a boss rush variant of crucible. No mobs, just 5 stages with 5 bosses, one one each of them :smiley:

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I love boss rushes. I did all of the gauntlets in Sekiro I hope they bring that. I dont even need loot from that I just like to fight them tho it is also nice to get loot😄.