Last Wisper in crucible

Hi. First of all, I would like to thank the developers for this interesting game. She truly is like a breath of fresh air to me. But here’s what I’m getting at. I finished the story and started going through the crucible. And I ran into one problem. Perhaps you will think that i am casual, and you will be right, but the problem is that there is a problem with passing these crucible. Not only is there an unbalanced spawn of mobs in the locations (2 knights, one giant and one sorceress, and they all attack at once), but after completing all the levels, there is no checkpoint in front of the boss. You say that this is how it was intended. But not only that, to enter the crucible, you need a spark, which sooner or later will end and you will have to grind it again. So sometimes you don’t even get to the boss, again due to unbalanced spawning. BUT when you come to the boss, you don’t see the whispers and you only have one try. And since you don’t know the boss’s set move, and he kills you quickly, you don’t have the opportunity to study it, and you have to start the from the begining again. However, you, again, will not always be able to reach the boss. My suggestion is to install a checkpoint in front of the boss (which will not be connected to the main whisper) and you will not be able to teleport to the city and back to the boss. At the same time, it will make sense for you to learn the boss and even defeat him without having to go through all the locations again. And after the victory, if no valuable loot fell from it, you could go through the crucible again from the beginning and try to kill the boss again. This small checkpoint, although it will make farming crucible easier, will save a lot of players’ nerves. Sorry for the long petition. Thank you.

I totally agree. Action games such as Elden Ring, where death is frequently expected, a savepoint before major boss seems to be a must have.

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