Early game item RNG

The early game should have some way to deterministically allow the player to choose the type of gear they start with. Having everything be left completely RNG from the start kind of goes against the core concept of allowing to sort of build our own class and could really turn some people off to the game very early on. I wanted to go for a fast, agile, rogue-like character but the only thing I found at the start was heavy armor and a greatsword. It took me nearly 2 hours before I found a pair of daggers and probably another 2 hours before finding some light armor.


To add to this, I have yet to find armor or a weapon in a chest after 4 hours hanging around the initial zones. I have an overabundance of potions and upgrade items, but so far nothing that I actually want to upgrade. From enemy drops, I’ve found almost exclusively Blood-Rusted Blades, Azure Blades, and gloves. I didn’t find pants until 2 hours in. They seem to be the rarest drops for me, just behind helmets.

It’d be great to see the blacksmith sell weak starting items when you first meet him instead of just tools and crafting materials, especially since it seems many players will still have their starting rags in at least one gear slot. As for weapons, I imagine most players would rather have a certain moveset, rune power, and scaling even at the cost of raw damage. It’d also help them figure out what they’d want to build for earlier in the game.

I am enjoying myself overall, but I’m frustrated that my gear drops have locked me into a light armor sword-and-board combat style when I want heavy armor and a twohander. At the very least I can still build for Strength and know I’m not wasting stat points but that’s not true for everyone.

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I agree with this, we are discussing this here as well:

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