Hand placed weapons for each main attribute before Sacrament

I’ve been reading some people having some frustration in finding the weapons they want to play with early on, and/or being forced to spend points in attributes they didn’t plan on leveling as to scale damage before they get to Sacrament.

That can be a little frustrating, because you only get 3 points per level, and spending those points in things you don’t plan on carrying forward feels very bad.

So I believe a quick solution to this problem would be to have a hand placed weapon for each of the 3 main attributes that scales most weapons (ie. Strength, Dexterity and Intelligence).

That would allow people to spend attribute points in their stat of preference and also do some damage with a “placeholder” weapon in the beggining of the game untill they find the weapon they’re looking for on random drops.


This is a great idea.

The game gave me a mage staff on the beach (I wanted a dex weapon), so I looked around a little before spending any points on stats to see if I would find another weapon, but no luck. Until the actual first boss, that was all the game gave me, I didn’t even know it was random until I asked my friend and he said he got a sword and shield right at the start.

I’ve spent 9 points before finding ANY new weapon (game only gave me armor until the city) and now I don’t know if there is a stat point reset at some NPC or place in the game (another good suggestion here).

The suggestion above is perfect, put each specialization weapon scattered across the beach, maybe near some corpses for story so we can try them out and decide where to spend the points in the future.

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I was just about to make a post about this. It’s important to ensure a variety of basic weapons along the beach to encourage players to experiment with different playstyles before having to commit skill points into specific attributes. For clarity, these basic weapons should not come with any attribute requirements either.

Players should also have a way to experiment with other weapons down the road without a significant skill cost. There are a ton of weapon types in the game and that is awesome. But having to commit skill points to specific attributes just to try out the weapon does not encourage experimentation. Maybe a test dummy in Sacrament could allow you to select a basic version of any weapon type in the game just to use in the test dummy area to become familiar with its playstyle? Then, players will be more comfortable in sinking skill points into attributes knowing what weapons they have a chance to encounter along the way.

I cosign this.

I just think we shouldn’t have as hard of a time shifting gears since so many scenarios from different enemy types.

Maybe always increase things like HP and Stamina, and then give us three points to allocate on top of that? IDK though cuz I also understand it’s a Soul’s game and we’re suppose to rip out our hair. I just feel like I don’t have control on where I want to take my character.

They already added a selection to the Smith you find very early on you can easily buy a desired weapon class there however im not sure if he sells everything but i vaguely remember him having a selection of dex/str weapons later once you reached sacrament you can also buy some int/faith weapons from other vendors so in the worst case you are stuck with a weapon until you best the first boss or until you find the Smith about 10min into the game

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Yeah, hotfix 2 made it way better by adding more options to choose from at your first interaction with Filmore.

Maybe a message about it when you first meet him would make people understand that you should be looking into his shop and selecting a weapon that fits your playstyle asap. I’ve seen some gameplay online and it’s baffling how people just skip/rush everything and never notice that he’s the “go to” guy for your “first real weapon”.

I believe this also occurs with extracting/inserting runes from/into slots and the enchanter in Sacrament, but that’s a discussion for another topic. haha

They should just do a soft “class” system like they did in Elden Ring that allows us to choose our starting loadout and stats. Keep the current option as the “wretch” class where you’re basically a blank slate and can do what you want, but give players the option to start off in a better position to go down the path they intend to from the start.