Weapon scaling suggestion

Hello everyone,
At first I want to say that the game is really amazing, it gives me some fresh air. The inspiration from different genre is visible, but that’s no problem because the game is doing it’s own thing. The performance should be fine after some more work I believe. I love it and I want to see what a final product will be :slight_smile:

I have a little problem with gear though, with scaling to be precise.

I don’t know how much random it is but I was pretty shocked when I wanted to focus my character on two-handed swords (after two-hander from 1st boss) and I found a two-hander which scaled with dexterity and faith after which I found one which scaled solely with inteligence and it hasn’t even a rune with a spell in it.

The combat feels like top-down souls-like and so I think there should be more “class-focused” approach to gear and runes.
The scaling should be less random and should make sense, and it should be possible to go for various builds.

Some examples:
1. If my two-hander scales with strength it has runes with “physical” abilities like the berserk strike, evasive strike etc. But if it scales with strength and faith it should have some rune with healing or light ability.
2. If want to play like a mage I want to feel like one. Staves I encountered scaled all with inteligence and that’s right, but when I don’t have any focus left I don’t want to bonk my enemies just to recover it and cast one or two fireballs. So I’m suggesting here to swap the melee attack of staves with a spark that deal non-elemental damage to regain focus.
3. Make runes based on different stat scaling. Physical attack runes in weapon scale with STR, evasive and projectile with DEX, elemental with INT, healing and light (if there are any) with FAI etc. This way we should use runes based on our build and it would make the character building more in-depth.

As I said I love the game overall and I apreciate your hard work. I believe that your game would be one of the best ones in it’s genre once you are finished with it.