Early Feedback - Early game hooks

A game needs to hook fast, and I think there are a couple of things No Rest does that holds it back in that regard.

  • Increase weapon drop rate or have three different starter weapons guaranteed in the first 20 mins of gameplay. At that point in the game, I want to see some more abouut what is possible, instead I was stuck wiith a weapon I don’t like for 2 hours.
  • Be a bit more generous with the initial stamina. I like that stamina is sparse, but this is VERY stingy for new players. Stay true to your vision, but be ease people into it a bit more.
  • Remove or tweak weapon degredation. In my first two hours I found one weapon and no way to repair it. From the moment the game told me it’s about to break, the fun was gone. It was a slow inevitable problem I could do nothing about, but not die.
  • The tutorial is pretty good as tutorials go, but I’d still speed it up. Maybe remove a couple of enemies, make their health bar smaller. My guess: New players want to see the world, returning players don’t want to see the ship again annd again.

Thanks for the feedback! :slight_smile:

Maybe you had some bad RNG…that sucks.
Did you allocate points into the attributes needed for the weapon you were interested in using?
I think if you don’t go crazy spamming things, stamina has a quick CD and then regens pretty rapidly.
Things break early on, I think I ended up using 3 or 4 different weapons before the Blacksmith was available. That seems intended. Maybe you just had bad luck with chests?

That’s kind-of the point of the suggestion of guaranteed weapons… Bad RNG is bad. You could potentially never get another weapon drop for some hours.
I think if there’s some sort of armory on the ship, with 1 of each weapon type to play with, and you keep that weapon after the crash scene, that could be enough.


Yeah, must have been RNG. I did find one big spikey thing I knew I did not want to use, so I did not want to spend the stat points over having my weapon broke.

Nice idea about the armory on the ship.

Yeah, but I realize that there’s options to skip the prologue, so there should be more weapons around on the beach as well.

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