Initial feedback (after 6h)

Here are some feedbacks after the first 6 hours of the game.

  • I often end up doing unwanted jumps, taking a lot of damage, dying or going to some other area.
  • I find the buttons for navigating in the menu quite unintuitive. I always switch global tab when I want to switch from armor to consumables e.g.
  • Sometimes, it can be hard to be at the right spot to interact with some objects/people using Y
  • I played using GeForce Now and I had a lot of crashed, probably between 10-20. After killing the boss before the city, the game crashed and I had to do it again, was quite frustrating.
  • Would be nice to be able to reread all the tips/tricks that were given.
  • How do I see the description of my weapon’s spells?
  • When quick selecting some food or a consumable, it would be great to see the effect of each object. Right now I need to look for it in the bag first.
  • At the beginning it feels a bit scary to spend the skill points. I am afraid to regret it 1 hour later if I find a new weapon I prefer.
  • Sometimes, I feel like dying on purpose to regain my life is the best option.
  • I don’t want to make enemies fall because I am afraid of loosing the loots they have.
  • Would be convenient to automatically pick up the resources from fishing/mining/digging/etc…
  • Maybe in the beginning, armors can be auto-equiped when we have nothing in that slot.
  • It is pretty unclear to me when the game is saved? I thought it was when we reach a whisper but after my different crashes I was able to continue from random times.
  • Would be great to have some weapons from quest rewards in the beginning to be able to choose what we want to try/create our build from.
  • Also, I don’t really like random loots from bosses so having items we can choose from quest reward is great.
  • It is a bit annoying to have our tools destroyed and not be able to cut trees/mine/fish/dig anymore. Also, it is quite long to cut a tree/dig/mine but maybe there are some better tools later in the game?
  • Would love to have chest that are closer to the whisper in the city. The one we have is pretty far. Also, I enjoy chests that have predefined slots for all consumables/ingredients/runes/etc…
  • I don’t really like the fact that I feel like I shouldn’t use my food when I need it during combat because if I die I will have less food to retry the fight. When doing the first boss I ran out of food and I had to be very careful with my last ones to decide whether this try is a try worth using some food or not.

Other than that, the game is gorgeous. I really love the universe/the atmosphere and I am really looking forward to see how it will evolve!

Something else I noticed is that the order of objects in the inventory is sometimes changing when using/selling something and it is quite disturbing.