Some feedback after 13 hours

First of all, the game is awesome. Art direction, intriguing plot, sound and fighting is excellent. Love all the secret areas; wish there were even more and can’t wait to jump back in.

Here is some feedback during my time so far:

  1. Need weapon/armor stat compare between inventory and worn equipment
  2. More inventory space for everything, including town storage or bigger stacks
  3. Town storage is in a bad location. Should be next to vendors.
  4. Faster gathering for wood, ore and digging.
  5. Camera is sometimes being blocked by items, ground in front of character
  6. Enemy turns in mid air attack if I’m rolling past them to hit me. Can be frustrating
  7. Might be wrong but many enemies are not taking fire damage if they are on fire?
  8. Maybe we can access the town storage in vendor view?
  9. Because of the verticality, it can be difficult to read the map
  10. Would be good to see item description when selecting items that are on the ground. Right now we have to guess what it is.
  11. Drop item option instead of only Discard
  12. The menu interaction with Danos (building guy) could be improved. Show donated items in the main view. not have to back out all the time to jump back to main building menu. It’s kind of messy.
  13. Some of the narrow beam walking is frustrating because of angle and also narrow space when the consequence can be death and a long walk back.
  14. Maybe option to return Runes to inventory if sold item has rune on it?
  15. Sometimes it’s hard to get off ladder or vines when on ground level for some reason
  16. Would a send item to town storage option be possible?
  17. Fast travel. Not sure how it can be improved yet but current iteration is kind of bad. Especially if you are jumping around in different areas to gather consumables but then getting to far side of another area can be lengthy since you can only jump between one whisper and Sacrament.
  18. Option to enter text for map pins.
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