Just hit level 16 and wanted to share my thoughts thus far

For starters, I’m in love with this game. The art direction, story, world, level design, and overall atmosphere are a unique breath of fresh air for the genre and gaming as a whole.

That being said, I do want to share my criticisms.

First off: fast travel. This has been my biggest issue so far–the world is big and complex which I love, but trying to remember where exactly to go when attempting to revisit a specific place is difficult when you have to renavigate back through the entire map.

Being able to fast travel at will to any of the previously visited whispers would be an enormous boon to this game’s overall quality of life.

Secondly: inventory. There are far too many materials for how little inventory space we have, including the stash.

Increasing stack sizes would be really helpful here, but not as much as more slots (I’m aware that inventory space can be upgraded via ichor, but as of now, I haven’t received enough to keep up with newly discovered materials and growing stacks). The stash would also feel much better if it could be sorted.

Thirdly: resource visibility. When in the heat of battle and trying to time parrys and dodges, it is difficult to keep track of focus and stamina as the wheels often blend in with the background and get lost on screen.

Larger, brighter wheels or maybe a stamina bar somewhere on the screen would be a huge help.

My final piece of feedback is regarding healing items. I’m not sure if it’s my controller or the game, but it feels really hard to actually get the healing input to read when you want it to. Maybe it doesn’t queue the action unless there are no other actions currently resolving or if the hold-to-swap-item duration is too short and the game is trying to do that instead of heal.

Whatever the case may be, healing being more responsive would feel great.

This is all I have for the time being, but I am still really enjoying what you all have created so far and I’m looking forward to seeing this game grow. Thanks!