Couple of wishes after the first 5 hours

First of all: the game is great! looks and plays just awesome. I haven’t had some much fun with a new game in quite some time.

Nevertheless I have some suggestions for the future:

inventory management: please give us an endless chest at checkpoints and more (or even better unlimited) space on the run.
I actually like that you find so much stuff. For example in dark souls it’s great. But if you find lots and lots of loot, but aren’t able to carry it, it’s just frustrating. I started fishing, chopping wood and looting everything in the starting area just to throw the whole stuff away 15 minutes later, because the inventory was full. Lots and lots more space or waaaaaay less loot to find.

unlimited chest should be able to auto sort the items

Often enemies outside the screen already see you before you can see them and they hit you out of the blue. Could you make something like a glow or something else to show the player where the next enemy is?

maybe a possibility to zoom the camera in and out a bit.

Sometimes there where parts of the foreground blocking my view which I guess should have become invisible by walking behind them.

parry: please make it better readable when an enemy is about to hit. it’s not good to see yet. This could go by making it clearer in the animation or maybe something like a audio or visual clue? maybe it might also help to make the time frame to parry a little longer?

It has to show if it’s a huge problem: but it’s annoying that all healing items are consumables. I would like to have something that refills by death or rest. I’m not a fan of heaving to farm and cook. It just feels like wasted time. You could grind all the healing you want, so there is no point in forcing the player to do so in the first place. It just feels like my time as player is not respected.
Maybe just make something like a base healing item, that is capable of 5 heals and than resets by death. The rest goes over consumables.

Overall the map is great, looks nice, has the ability to set markers, clear… but what I don’t like is that parts you visited, but kind of rested are getting so much darker than the rest. It’s cool, that you give the players clues where to look again for loot and XP, but the execution to dark.
also the map could be a bit more detailed, like more “hand drawn” elements (landmarks and stuff).

Make it possible to repair items at the checkpoints. The player always has enough money to repair the equipment. So there is actually no need (just annoying) to always have ro go back.

Thank you for your time

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You just basically nixed the entire ARPG genre/system with your post or any RPG really. Everything you listed as a negative is part of the gameplay loop wanting you to interact with getting new weapons, upgrading/enchanting them, upgrading the town. You’re just trying to make it a soulsborne copy.

For the parry you said the camera is too zoomed in & you can’t see the enemy do their attacks, how are both true? They reel their attacks back a ton and swing in wide arcs. That’s about all the constructive criticism I can give because you basically outlined the whole game as a bad thing.

Inventory management gets much easier once you can buy a house.

There’s audio ques.

You can get healing healing runes as well. The food thing is really only an issue in early game, soon you’ll save a chef and can just buy meals from him. I rarely use meals, preferring instead to use Rune heals, you’d be shocked how stocked my pantry is without even trying xD

There’s repair dust items, as well as a repair rune. Shouldn’t really need much more than a small repair dust to hold you over, and they drop pretty frequently.

Sounds like you want QoL improvements for every single part in the game which puts you in interaction with the game.
You negate the game :slight_smile:

Streamlining all that parts would lead to afk playthroughs. No need for a house anymore … just put an unlimited chest somewhere with perfect filter options and comparison.

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I understand what you mean when you say some game mechanics “wastes the player’s time”. There is a lot of monotinous busy work meant to distract you from making progress. That’s the goal of the gameplay loop. If you can’t find joy in monotinous busy work, this isn’t the game for you.

Think less Dark Souls 2, more Animal Crossing.

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