Feedback, Suggestion & Bugs report


First I would like to say I really like the game so far however it can be much better. Also incase I said something wrong please do correct me. Without much stalling here’s a list of my of feedback, suggestions, some bugs I encountered

Feedback & Suggestions:

  1. Farming materials to make food doesn’t make sense in this game at all because:
    a. It breaks the game loop, especially on bosses.
    b. The traveling system is set up in such a way that you can’t use other whispers if you intend to go back to the latest one (you suddenly have to walk from the city all around to farm, and dying makes it worse).
    c. You can farm so much food and make many fights a lot more trivial.
    d. Suggestion: Have a healing system similar to estus; this will also help with inventory issues.
    e-Another suggestion to have food give buffs rather than healing this way crafting food doesn’t lose all value.

  2. The inventory system is not great:
    a. There are way too many random items, armor upgrades for cloth, leather, plate, etc. No need to devalue upgrade materials but rather have one for each type at best or one for armor and another for weapons.
    b. You can’t merge or restack items unless you use the chests you have in the city. For example, if you have 10 mushrooms and 9 mushrooms, you can’t stack them on top of each other.
    c. The community chest is the only chest you have access to relatively early in the game, which means you can’t store things for yourself and/or there is space conflict with your friend(s).
    d. There are too many materials from mining, chopping, digging, & fishing; you shouldn’t have four of those and still have that small/limited inventory.

  3. The plague ichor (flask to upgrade your character) is not a great system because you have to choose between power and convenience, at least at the start (Ring slots) or the rest. It should be power or convenience but not both.

  4. The talent/stat needs changes:
    a. You need stats to use weapons; that means you can’t try most of them. As a comparison, in souls-like games, you can use the weapon, but it’s not as effective.
    b. There is no respec system.
    c. There are way too many redundant stats that don’t affect anything except that specific type of weapon. No resist increase, or armor, or even a small amount of health.

Game Progress:
a. The game isn’t good at communicating what you need to do next; quest markers (if any) are not placed well. You can’t have it both ways, either markers placed or none, but not great to have wrong ones. This is for quests and the main campaign.
b. The cerim crucible: the game did not do well to communicate this well. I’m still unsure if dying resets the entire progress.
c. I haven’t finished the crucible, and I’m unsure if I have to do that to continue the campaign, but if so, then it’s overturned and requires too much food.

a. Way too many materials are required to build all the level 2, and then there is level 3 and I don’t know how many more levels. I understand this could be a community thing, but people should be able to play solo. Also, first area provides different mats than second area thus this is not a longevity this is actually going out of your way to upgrade them.
b. Equipload (Suggestion only): Consider having the benefit of each load mentioned when you are on it in the equipment tab itself. For example, if you are heavy, you can push enemies (It’s already there but communicated once); if you are light, you consume -x% stamina, etc.


  1. I found a chest inside a chest, both with loot, and if this is not a bug, then visually they did not look correct. That being said, it was a bigger chest with loot, and after opening, you can see and open the smaller chest. To be more specific, I found this in the first zone (On top of the Cerim ruins, close to where you fight that rebel boss).
  2. If you use a keyboard when starting the game, you can’t use the controller.
  3. I had a monster bug and fall on top of a sign (He was an archer). I couldn’t attack him anymore when he could attack me, and I couldn’t finish the challenge because of it.

I did ignore few things on the basis that this is early access:
a-Long loading screens.
b-Long game start up.
c-Leaving city makes the ground of nearby zones invisible for some time etc.

I had multiple occasions where enemies would simply fall on a ledge somewhere in the battle area. As a player I am unable to reach them and they tend to freeze and not move anywhere even if I am above them on a bridge or something. They should make them either somehow reachable or make them fall completely by attacking player or something.

Also I am missing more HUD elements. To see where the quest is without constant map opening. It makes looking at map worse as the game does not pause when doing so.

One more bug I forgot to add.
If you are too close to a door or a chest sometimes you cant interact with them (to open them) but rather you just hug the wall instead.