Feedback list day 2 pt 2

  • eating food input lag: try eating a food item straight for inventory screen, you can see there’s clearly a long input delay to eating food. Please reduce to instant (it’s an action game)
  • duration of resource gathering (chop, mine, dig) is too long
  • durability on tools (shovel/pickaxe/axe) preferably removed but otherwise at least tripled. Also: my pickaxe has 2 durability, why can’t I use it?
  • You’re currently training people to simply never use food:
  1. Herbs are too rare
  2. Food needs to be given away for dailies…
  3. Consider healing players after every x enemies, or having enemies regularly drop worthwhile food items.
  • explanations missing from many things, including: icons, skills, utilities like small chest & cupboard, stuff on runes (what is “pulse of health spell”?)
  • sacrament city seems logically like a major disaster. To go to our chest from whisper, we gotta walk up left, over a bridge to the right, stairs to the right, large corner, across a bridge looping back, into a house, use the door, down the stairs stairs stairs, and then… all the way back once you’ve picked up 1 sword.
  • when checking gear in stash, let us compare with gear on character
  • all my areas say “safe” when entering, even when there are enemies in the area
  • got an item with “gold loss on death”. Whilst I love the idea, gold is so rare that this seems like a stat that’s too punishing at the moment
  • every time you quit the game and start again, another food item is assigned to dpad
  • any reason why right controller stick isn’t used for anything?
  • please let us choose which items go on dpad and which don’t, so we don’t accidentally use items we don’t want to use (eg do use soups, don’t use plain mushrooms)
  • weapon req: let us wear gear that we don’t have the stats for, but make them do -99% damage. That way we can test movesets and see if a weapon is worth the investment. Eg I just found a 16/16 int/faith staff and I have no idea if I want to make the investment…
  • sleeping at the inn restores health in 4 hours? I guess I’ll just throw myself off a cliff and gain full health in 5 seconds… just make sleep and whispers give you full health instantly.