Feedback list day 2

Above all: great game, and all the below items are observations/suggestions to improve from here. Mostly QoL stuff. Apologies in advance if I’ve written in a too direct manner.

  • Stamina: current visualization is still unclear to me mid-battle, please add stamina bar under health bar

  • focus bar: very difficult to read: do I have just enough or just too little to do a special? Please make the bar bigger with clearer markers between segments (not sure what you call them)

  • where is the skill tree? Give us a skill tree of some kind (not related on equipped weapon)

  • (Shared) inventory chest: please put it in the marketplace instead. Current walking back n forth is annoying (shortcut or not)

  • Building timers: please just get rid of them. What’s the value of waiting 4 hours? I already spent 2 hours looking for enough wood, that seems like enough time spent

  • Death: penalty needs some more thinking. Durability keeps racking up bills until you’re bankrupt and naked. Exp loss (to zero within current level) is ok if exp was easier to gain

  • dodge roll from laying down: getting up takes ages, and enemies tend to get one more hit in than I believe they should (I’ve died in the animation of getting up, where I can’t do anything, more than all other situations combined)

  • Bed next to shared stash: why can’t I sleep in the bed to gain health back? Feels like an interaction is missing.

  • Copper: feels too scarce, maybe make enemies drop it slightly more frequently and see how that goes

  • artemisia herb: feels too scarce, it’s a total blocker for having any healing items. I guess you can buy them, but see point above for that

  • Whispers QoL: should heal you fully, and all be fast travel locations.

  • Special attacks: don’t always seem responsive to controller input

  • Food: doesn’t always seem responsive to controller input

  • Consumables: (food & other) The game randomly resets dpad-allocated consumables sometimes: this really sucks as you can accidentally eat the wrong consumable.

  • “discard items”: please add “drop items” so we can pick them up later, instead of destroying them

  • Durability on pickaxes, shovels and woodcutting axes: this is annoying as hell…

  • monsters returning: it’s not clear how long this takes / when this happens

  • “Press Y to slide”: really? Mid-battle you gonna suggest I go sliding? I’m running through town and you think I wanna slide on some walls? …

  • some enemies has insane targeting skills. I mean, these nameless pass soldiers jump 20 meters and in an instant turn around and swipe you mid dodge? That’s some pro ballerina level stuff

  • resource inventory is too limited. Please add 2 rows by default