Overall feedback after playing for 10 hours

First of all amazing game, I’m in love with the beautiful art design and incredibly fun and smooth animations and I’m having a blast playing it, great work! I got some feedback/suggestions after 10 hours that I hope can be helpful, sorry for any mistakes, english is not my main language. This is in order of what I think are my most important feedbacks/suggestions:

  1. We should be allowed to equip weapons that we don’t have the required stats for, so we can test them/check if we like the animations before choosing to spend our limited level up point for them or not. You can make it so we can’t do any damage with the weapon if we don’t have the stats but still allow us to equip and try the animations out to see if we like it or not.

  2. The stamina bar is quite hard to see/focus on with how frenetic the game is at times. There could be either an option to have a stamina bar below the health bar on top of the HUD or the green circle next the character could be brighter/clearer and maybe bigger.

  3. When the player is climbing on the leaf vines and there are enemies on top of it, if they see you they have the tendency to just camp on the edge of the vines waiting for you and if its a small passage they will bodyblock you and never let you through and theres nothing you can do about it. (Happened to me in a section of Iona’s Cavern and I just fell to my death cause they dont let me go up and it was a small passage and there were 2 of them bodyblocking it and you lose stamina by being on the vines)

  4. Enemies that shoot or throw things at you should only to do so if we see them first at least once, right now if they have the high ground like on top of a wall or something similar they will attack you by throwing things without the player ever knowing they are there and that can feel like a cheap shot because of the isometric camera that limits our view.

  5. Lootable items like mushrooms and herbs should be made easier to see while exploring, because of how dark the game is most of the time it can be hard to see or notice them, especially herbs. Maybe making the yellow glow effect around them stronger/brighter, or maybe the entire object could slightly glow if we get near it in a subtle way to not make it obnoxious.

  6. The game could make it more clear which trees can be chopped, I thought all of them could be at first but that isn’t the case because there are some trees in Orban glades that can’t be interacted with. Maybe showing their health bar when you get close to them could be a good way to make it clear that they are interactable/choppable trees. The ores could be like that too showing the health bar on top of them if we get near it because they can also be very sneaky and hard to see depending on the area, but they shouldn’t show if we are in combat so we don’t see non-enemy health bars in the middle of a fight because that would make us lose focus.

  7. When you sit in a firepit the game should force you into the potion/food section of the inventory. Right now it doesn’t so when I open the inventory it just shows me the section of the inventory I was last and that can be annoying to fiddle around the inventory to find the food section.

Also I dont know if its a bug but when i press Alt+Z to use Geforce Experience to record the last 5 minutes of my footage, for some reason my mouse does not move and I can’t click on the record button, only happens with this game and I’m not sure whats happening, I really want to record some cool footage to show friends but I can’t right now. : (