Game Feedback after 70+ Hours

Hello, me again. since my first feedback post and 70+ hours later, here’s a few more feedback i have for the game. Generally I still love this game. I love it’s difficulty and pushes your skills to the test. But i think it still needs a few more uhmph to really make it’s mark. I never do early access to any games and this is my first one because deyum, i believe in this game!!!

so with that here are more Wicked Feedback:

Controls. Still feel like they have a delay when you press the button and then animation starts. tried comparing fast weapons to slow weapons and i still feel the same slight delay when using fast weapon types. Dodging, running, parry feels the same delay. I saw from my previous post that at least a few people feel the same way. so im not crazy LOL.

Controls. Button remapping please. I know they’re coming but i just want to say that I feel that i could play better with my own custom button mapping adjusted to my taste even after playing for so much hours. What bugs me the most is that i have to let go of my directional stick just so i can switch weapons. I also still think dodging and running should be separate buttons. also, hoping Devs consider running to have a toggle on/off mode too.

Whispers. I dont get the logic of only travelling to the last whisper you have triggered. I find this a bit annoying especially when im collecting raw materials for crafting that i have to walk all the way to another location - eg. from Sacrament to Nameless Pass when the Whisper i touched is in, let’s say, Mariner’s Keep. I believe that you can travel to and from previously opened whispers is such a QoL. if Devs what us to have really explore the environment, have whispers more spread out. or have trees, plants, mining stones, and dig sites spawn more randomized in their spawn area.

Trash Mobs. I think one more key thing to make this game feel more ARPG besides the RNG feels of itemazation is trashmobs. those mindless hordes of enemies we can plow through. don’t get me wrong, please do not change every enemy types to this! but introduce a new horde type enemies in the mix would bring in that ARPG feels. Hope Devs consider sprinkling in this enemy type.

Blueprints tab. This kinda feels useless to me. so it’s just a list of the things you’ve already collected? Why not having the ability to activate a blueprint of an item and have it track all crafting requirements as an ACTIVE QUEST? (a more farfetched idea: why not enable crafting from the blueprint tab? BUT that would make all crafting tables almost have no use unless for converting crafting materials)

Market QOL. i think having a select all/select multiple items before selling, crafting, buying would be helpful for quicker townruns

Attribute Points. Are there no other benefits to distributing attribute points to Str, Dex, Int, or Faith besides increase damage the way Health, Stamina, Focus and Equip Load interacts with your stats?

Transmog! Devs please have this in game! i like to have a pirate look in my character while having the armor points of metal armor LOL


  • getting multiple keys. eg: got to loot old cottage key x4 already in the same realm
  • map NPC indicators are missing
  • Eleanor just packed up and left after i leveled but her shop in one Realm. While it was Whittaker who got up and left in another. LOL

So that’s it! hope this game only gets better and better!

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I wrote about this awhile back, but I think there should be greater and lesser whispers. Greater whispers are more sparse, but can always be teleported to by other greater or town whispers. Lesser whispers, on the other hand, would remain like the current system. More of them, but limited in their usage.

I’m really torn on this. I think there should be more horde-styled enemies, like the wolf packs, but I don’t think they should add enemies meant to just be plowed through. ARPG ≠ Diablo Clone (old term, maybe Diablo-likes now?). I think the more methodical-paced combat works better for NRftW.

Another area I’m torn on. I like the idea of transmogs, but I think something like a dye system would work better. Especially as there will be PvP, they would have to hide the transmogs in those instances.

If they were to add transmogs, I would want it to have more limitations. Leather can only transmog to other leather armors. Weapons, due to their unique movesets, should never have transmog in my opinion.

not even kidding you when i say i made a topic suggesting this. greater wisps to travel to would allow for less annoying traversing and reducing wastes of time!

Oh so now you are just stealing all of my ideas? :stuck_out_tongue: Jokes aside I do think it is good that a lot of people share the same thoughts on this one.

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More enemy types is allways beter but I would suggest not just adding more horde style insted adding some random tough enemy to those hordes. So once in a while you get a challenging surprise.

Yeah, I’m not against more enemy types (although I think there is a limit eventually), I just didn’t think this game needs trash-mob ones. Random elite packs (one “elite” among a pack of normal enemies), or even just more elite variants of individual enemies could be a fun way to randomly spice up some encounters.

If they do that, I want an elite crab to have like a 0.5% chance of spawning… >:D

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I’m for a Transmog system that respect armor type. You can transmoge palte only into other plate item.

Also insted of a system like diablo 3/4 transmog I would sugest a system where you can transfare all property of item A to item B where A is destroyed and all property of B are replaced with the property from item A, base stat included, again respectinc item type.

Totaly agree but I think it is still importent to have some enemies that are challenging at the begining and they become trash as you level up and upgrate your character, because this give a good feeling of progresion, but the game can spice it up by randomly spawning an elite version when you don’t expect that is allways challenging.

Agree totally with “greater and lesser whispers”.

Part of me anticipates that we’ll come across more major locations like sacrament and thus have more fast travel opportunities

Oh I 100% agree there! I did a fresh character start with Patch 1 and after finishing the twins at around level 15, it felt absolutely brutal trying to level up to 21 because everything scaled up. A random elite here or there is something that can catch you off guard, offer a good challenge, but also not lock you out of a zone if you can just avoid it.

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i think we just share pirate neurons and they go “yaaahrrr” in sync


Eleanor and Whittaker go inside buildings when you level them up to Tier 3. I didn’t see someone answer that so thought I’d chime in. Trust me, I thought they left as well!

well i hope that all our inputs are being reviewed by the devs and come up with something that would be fit for this game.

WTF?1 ok imma look for them. hahaha

If you go where they used to be, Eleanor is in the building north east and Whittaker is north west up some little stairs. I’m talking 15 steps max from where they used to be.