Feedback List - 36+hours Observations

Just wanted to leave my feedback after playing about 36hrs as of right now. Finished pretty much all the game currently has to offer.

World is beautiful
Gritty, dark aesthetic
Fundamentals of combat are fun (once your figure them out)
Item rarities (white, blue, purple, legendary)
Monster variation

Outside of those here’s my experience and thought’s, agree or disagree.
But I will preface to say this is an amazing game with lots of potential and I’m excited for it, although I think it also needs a lot of work.

Negatives, bugs, opinions/changes

  • Time gating buildings (especially 4hr)
  • No stat resetting (especially early game when your not sure what weapon you want to go for. Even if its expensive and you need to pay per point you reset, I think that would be fair)
  • Equipment durability doesn’t show which item is damaged (pickaxe, shovel, fishing rod, axe)
  • Cooking recipes all require artemisia herb (or t2 herb), would be nice to have variance like meat + fish recipe so your not relying on fish+herb, mushroom+herb, crab+herb. It feels like I only need 1 thing to cook making it feel very limited
  • Daily challenges are lack lustre (excl boss fights) collecting ore, etc are boring and the reward for doing them isn’t worth it. Would be nice for more variety as well.
  • Fall dmg feels rng, sometimes I die falling down 1 step and other times 10, same for dmg, I’ve taken dmg dropping off a small ledge and it feels weird.
  • Weapon customization feels good at a overall level but feels lacking on smaller tweaks, would be nice to reroll parts of a weapon.
  • KB+M controls can be weird when jumping (maybe due to the perspective of the map) but you can jump at a straight angle and you leap skew.
  • Enemy poise/guard resets too quickly (even with 2h claymore by the time your coming up for a follow up attk the guards can sometimes be fully reset even if your playing aggressively)
  • While using chests, if your inventory is full you cant discard or swap items in the chest, so you have to close the chest, open inventory, discard, close, reopen chest, then take
  • Fast travel is not actually fast travel, let us choose to go to places we unlocked (this just feels like wasting players time for the sake of wasting time)
  • Poise bar is off by default, default should be enemy hp and poise visible or both hidden
  • Weird inconsistent stats, the same dagger can have dex, str, dex+faith, dex+int, dex+str and there is not other stats to make it feel viable, eg, a dagger with dex+faith/int I would expect it to have an attribute that uses those but it doesn’t and it feels weird.
  • KB+M select food carousel, when mousing over to select something when you have different types of food, its so sensitive that the carousel spins around at light speed and its impossible to select what you want
  • Level design overall is interesting but sometimes its annoying to find your way, exploration is discovery is good but its a fine line between being irritating.
  • Random monster difficulty, in the same area fighting the same monster eg a wolf, 1 wolf will die in 3 hits and another in 6 even though they are the same at the same time in the same area and its unsure why this is and feels inconsistent.
  • Some vines you climb up, when standing near the edge your character cant figure out how to climb down leaving you with the only option of jumping off an dying
  • Stealth mechanics don’t exist, some enemies can be backstabbed and others cant for no reason (likely a bug in detecting? hopefully) also bosses should be backstabb-able (why shouldnt they be?) tall grass and line of sight don’t hide you from enemies, feels very rng. A lot of enemies can’t see you but will enter combat with you abruptly
  • Bow feels weird compared to other weapons since it’s only a spender and has no generator like all other weapons, would be nice to equip bow that has for example 3 auto attack charges that regen very very slowly (to avoid range combat in a melee focused game?) this way it can also generate and spend and makes it the same mechanics as other weapons
  • Sidle is way way too sensitive, trying to go into doors/rooms but character wants to sidle and so I’m left t-posing in the doorway (very few places I found that needs this mechanic but character prioritizes it over everything else)
  • End game trial area animation has to be done every time you die, 1st time is enough, after that let is stand on the elevator and just select use item (wasting players time for a area you likely to die in a lot)
  • Trial area should be boss fights (or make a challenge area to do that) killing mobs is the least fun thing to do
  • Blue fire skill is almost undodgeable, enemies cast it off screen and makes it hard to counter
  • Traps and burrowed enemies have no small indicator they are there, so its free dmg on the player, its not skill or requires anything from the player so its not a great mechanic, I want to be challenged in my observation skills.
  • Punished for *not making mistakes, a lot of the time you dodge an enemy combo, dive in, get a quick attk and try to dash away but the enemy bashes you instantly and 7/10 times and kills you in the next unescapable chain attk. When I play souls games and die I feel like damn I messed up but most of my deaths in this feel cheap and unavoidable and It makes it hard for me to see myself wanting to invest more time. I don’t want it to be easier just less cheap shots.
  • Housing placement feels janky and difficult to place, would be nicer with a top down placement where you have more finite control and better vision of the house.
  • Housing layout is not exciting or interesting, would be nicer with a standard layout for space and letting people buy things like stairs, partitions, walls, half walls etc and letting them come up with their own crazy designs without trying to force it.
  • No exit button when pressing escape, its the only button missing from this menu, even though it exists on the tab menu.
  • Missing tooltips is kinda a big one, I don’t know what some of the skills do and for others like thorns aura, how long does it last? how much dmg is reflected? valuable information that’s needed for builds
  • No gear comparisons, when I want to change weapon or armour I get at best the little up arrow saying hey this is flat value better but I also want to see things like what stats, effects, gems etc are on them
  • On the stats screen it shows the weapon but not anything else like armour, rings etc
  • Inventory management, it’s way to low in a way that any ichor upgrades makes me feel like I am forced to invest them into resource slots (even if you make an item like a food bag or ore/lumber bag to offset some of these
  • Chests near things like furnaces should be able to use them within a certain range, fetching to use is a waste of time and not fun
  • Meta feels very str based hard hitting weapons over everything else
  • Could be less content cause early access but the world feels small and empty, beach, forest, mountain, sewer. Collect resources. Thats it, so very little replayablility.

There’s a few more things but I will play some more and test a little to I can be completely fair in my reporting of them even if they are things I don’t particularly like but are still a sort of give and take system.

It is nice to see the patch notes, pretty much all changes made were originally in my list so ticking them off feels good.

If anyone has constructive feedback to any point or even a different viewpoint feel free to mention.

New bugs found

  • When completing a bounty boss kill, trying to turn it in only gives the option to replace it vs actually turning in

I can relate to most everything you bullet-pointed.

What I’d also like to add is that two-handed weapons should have differentiation from one-handed weapons in that their attacks have momentum and can’t be staggered while attacking. This way, they’re slower (honestly a bit too slow), but it would be acceptable if you know you won’t get staggered and interrupted so you don’t end up fighting fast and aggressive enemies that just won’t let you land an attack unless you exploit max range initial charged attacks. Many times I’ve had to find the magic distance to start a charged attack so that it hits just as they reach it’s range and then dodge away and repeat because they absolutely won’t let me land an attack in close range.

Also, you absolutely need to be able to dodge out of attack animations. Attacks are way too slow to commit to (especially two-handed weapon attacks). I end up getting hit almost every time I attack because once I start an attack, I see a faster attack starting and I know it will land before or at the same time as my attack and I’ll get hit, but I can’t do anything until my attack animation finishes.

This means I just push through the damage until I need to heal or they are dead and then heal up over and over, but that burns through a lot of food and it ignores that I have the skill to dodge the attacks, but simply can’t because the game forces you to continue slow animations. I can’t just wait for the timing because I don’t know when that timing will provide a window until after I get in range to attack and start an attack. I’ve tried waiting until after their first attack, but it seems they attack too frequently and I still get hit before my attack lands and I can’t dodge away in time.

Also, there are tougher enemies that use huge, long two-handed weapons that are like instant attacks that reach so far, but I can’t even get in range to start an attack before it interrupts me. They also seem to have a lot of tougher enemies with a close range grab or push that hurts and is like lightning fast. It would be fine if there was like some way to defeat that strategically, but with a two-handed weapon, it doesn’t seem possible without maybe learning to parry (which I can’t find the patience to master so have given up trying).

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