33 Hours play feedback


A little background about me (it might be useful to identify the player type). I am a lover of all souls games, have beaten all dark souls and elden ring and other similar games. I have also played a lot of ARPGs (Diablos, POE, GD, etc.) but I prefer most souls like games.

General thoughts

First of all I think No Rest for the Wicked is an amazing game even though the small content we have so far I have been playing every day for many hours. I am grateful you took the risk of combining different games and creating a new genre that I hope will continue growing.

Congratulations to all the team and thanks for everything!

What I wouldn’t change

IMO the following things have been done perfectly and I wouldn’t do any modification (for sure I am missing some of them, as I said I think the game overall is great)

  • Combat mechanics (I love the addition of the skill when using heavy armor, how hitboxes are made, and how the combat feels in general)
  • Level of difficulty (please DON’T make it easier)
  • Whole design of the world, maps, weapons, armors, etc.
  • Story (so far was very engaging)
  • Weapon variety
  • Normal enemies and bosses
  • The whole game essence

What I would change / improve

I suppose some of these are already on your plans but just in case:


  • Item durability: most of the people is against this, in my opinion is not that bad once you reach sacrament, but before the first boss THIS WAS A PAIN, new players are learning everything of the game, new systems, new map, enemies, jump puzzles, getting comfortable with the camera view, etc. Having to also repair their equipment each time they die and ALSO having to WALK to the blacksmith, it’s too much for the initial area (even though it costs 0), a lot of people could get frustrated in the start of the game for this and stop playing or refund it. I think items should start having durability after the first boss fight, so either disabling it until you beat the first boss or provide indestructible level 1 items(that the player will need to change eventually)

  • Inventory management, I agree with most people that inventory space is too low, I like the idea of being able to improve it as you progress the game, but this could be improved, either greater stacks or more initial space. Also consider connecting all the storage in the city when you use a vendor / crafting facility.

  • Target lock on is very hard to see in some scenarios when there are multiple enemies, it should be bigger or easier to see and switch

  • Being able to respect stats

  • Being able to change the skills of an item: I have been playing as a mage and its kind of frustrating that I can only select the skills of the staff that is dropped / sold, usually if you enchant the staff it loses 2 skill slots so you can customize the skills. I think this should be more flexible, for example you destroy the skill rune and keep the item with that rune slot empty (so you can put another) or you destroy the item and keep the runes of the item. Right now you can only destroy the item to keep 1 Rune

  • Craft materials: not sure if this is intentional, its me or a bug but there are some crafting materials that I have never found, I got a recipe for a pure int sword called “CRONUS”, it asks for 10 BOAR TUSKs, I wasn’t able to find even 1 boar in the whole game and I already finished the story, I got this sword recipe around level 15 and I am 24 now. This doesn’t make any sense and it asks for 10 of them. Now that I am writting the review I found that Grinnich is selling 1 but still if you need 10 you need to wait a lot of time for the vender to reset and have the luck that he is selling it again (I checked yesterday and he was not)


  • Equipment comparison: when you select an item in your inventory it should show you the relative equipped item / items on the right so we can easily compare stats.

  • Markers of the map should be shown on the screen only when you are near, when you start using them you see lot of icons on the borders of your screen all the time

  • Materials should be auto picked when harvesting them (mines, trees, holes), If I am cutting a tree there is no reason I wouldn’t try to pick it up. If inventory is full I think its ok it drops in the floor.

  • When you complete a build project which has levels it doesn’t show you the levels that you completed, would be good if under completed projects it shows you the last level you completed

  • The community vault should be split into sections as the inventory

  • When you enchant an item it should show you the enchanted item asap, right now you need to exit the vendor and check your inventory

Final notes

In some parts of the game the combat feels too slow, if you want to be more on the ARPG side I think it would be ok to have more minor / easy enemies which you can easily kill and then heavier ones where you need to put all your attention and skills in use. I think this is a balance and depends on what you are looking for. I felt the first part of the game a little slow and boring and started enjoying it a lot more after, I loved what you have done in the sewers, not sure why but I enjoyed that map a lot.


20 hours on my save, i agree with your feedback 100% on a lot of things.
( Respec stats is really important for me )


Great feedback - I agree with pretty much everything.

Maybe I’m wrong, but I don’t think my equipment took durability damage before the first boss… I know Repair was free, but I seem to remember my equipment also not taking damage… I could be wrong!

Respec seems very important, but my other feedback on that front is that STAT REQS ARE TOO DAMN HIGH. 22 Faith to wield a non-magical mace, or a Kite Shield?? Curious if this was an issue for you, being higher level than me.

I’m 16, I’m getting Tier 3 drops, and I can only use 1 Tier 2 Weapon that I’ve found.

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I’m 34 hours in.

I agree on almost you feedback as well.

The rune/item thing is important. The combat is based on runes, so I would like to try it before use it and not destroy 2 items in the process.

Maybe add some “training weapons” that are not destroyed just to test the runes?

I still do not like the “survival/crafting” part of the game.
It would be fine gathering new materials while exploring, but being forced to go on a location multiple times really feels bad.

One other thing for me was materials for crafting it takes too long to get all tools in the house in Sacrament.
It may be better to add a chest near each shop to store some type of materials needed. Or make it that all the chest items are considered when crafting or upgrading weapons.

Everything else is really awesome. Kudos to the team. It’s a really wonderful game.


I think resource gathering could be better if there’s an RNG chance of picking up multiple, maybe even up to 3 of a material like ore or wood when you chop a tree. Or maybe a possible perk on an enchanted piece of gear. (if that isn’t already in the game, that is)

Already implemented! Once you get an Iron Axe/Shovel/pick etc, you often get two of the resources, and sometimes gems when you dig/mine.

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Oh duh, I should have guessed that’s the case with the different types of tools.

I feel like this game can probably get away with a ton of “grindy” mechanics simply because of how stunningly gorgeous the world and the animations are. Chopping down a tree is super satisfying. Leaves falling down, the trunk having realistic physics, etc


I loved your feedback mate, I agree with the most part of it and I think thst it was very well structured… congratulations for it.

I think that we already have some weak enemies that we can kill and dodge from the attacks with some ease, but as more content is always good, I would love to have more enemies in the game for sure

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After 10hrs in the game - I agree with you, connecting all the storage in the city when you use a vendor / crafting facility. - is something I’m 100% sure it’s coming but we need it ASAP. Amazing game which I told to myself - I’ll buy it to support devs but won’t play until it’s at least 80% finished but nope, I couldn’t resist :slight_smile: :slight_smile: … I was playing DD2 and downloading Remnant II newest DLC to play while I’m waiting for Wicked to be done but just can’t stop playing, it’s so goooood

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Put way too much time into the game, steam shows 90 but it’s probably closer to 70 since I have a bad habit of leaving it minimized and forgetting. But I would say I agree with most things and only disagree with a small amount.

For sure could use some quality of life. The stack similar update is already a great step in that direction. There could be more done. I have 2 houses full of large chests and I’m about to have to buy a 3rd one. I sell most things, I swear I do. But there’s a lot of loot in this game. 3 tiers of every resources, sooooo many weapons and armor pieces, if this is just Act I and they’re adding more…I’m gonna need to buy up the whole town to store this stuff. So perhaps increasing the stack size of certain types of items could help. Not weapons, but things like ingots, bass, apples, etc should go to the hundreds. I’m not making 10 bowls of soup for a crucible run. I’m making 100.

Target Lock On
This, imo, is the largest remaining issue with the game. I consistently die to switching targets because I’ll just start blocking or attacking towards a witch 30 feet away while a hammer dude pounds me despite me switching the dot to him 4 or 5 times. I’ve got 3 rings on, the witch does like 5 damage. Let me look at the guy smashing my skull in please.

Being Able to Respect Stats
I actually disagree on this one. Save some exp potions from the crucible and save them for a new character. You can make one, start on the beach, run past the level 21 enemies, tp to town, drink 2-3 potions and be at level 10-ish and make a new build all in about 10 minutes. You might have to do a few runs in the crucible with the initial character, but you can make subsequent builds very quickly. I don’t see the point in respecing but the devs already said they’re looking into this so I guess I’m in the minority.

Being Able to Change the Skills of an Item
Hard disagree on this. White weapons have 4 slots, you can have up to 6 weapons. That’s 24 runes. I don’t know why you would even need that many for one build, but you have that option. I’ve got like 3 medium chests and 2 large chests filled with runes. I grab a weapon, try out it’s core move sets, then slot in runes into whatever slots are available and move on. I don’t need to save the rune/weapon. The crucible makes them rain on you. Spend some ichor on equipment slots and you’ll bring a crap ton of gear back to either sell or rip runes out of.

Easier Enemies
SUPER NOPE on this one. I’ve yet to use a weapon that couldn’t beat down anything in my face. Every weapon, so far, has felt super capable since a wide variety of runes and gems can be slotted into them. I don’t need this game to be easier. I can pretty easily make a godlike character with the current balance. If anything bosses need to have more stun resist because it gets to a point where I’m just clicking ability spam until focus runs out, if it ever does.

Resource Drop
They seem to be ontop of this already. I had 1 boar’s tusk drop in my first 50 hours. I’ve had 6 drop in the last 20. Still no Cronus, but I’m getting there. I would recommend they add an option to request a certain resource or resource type if the rng gods decided you shouldn’t get boar’s tusks but instead 40 severed hands.

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Hey! thanks for your comments

About the respect I think some people might not want to create a new character, also most of the games have this and I usually used it, lets say you mistakenly put something wrong but you want to keep the playstyle, gear, etc. its too time consuming leveling a new one even though it might be easy. Also remember the game will be larger, now its up to 30 but it will have many more levels, so definetly needed.

About Being Able to Change the Skills of an Item, not sure what white weapons are you talking about, but most of the ones I see come AT LEAST with 1 rune, staff comes with 2 runes, when you enchant the item it removes the other 2 runes slot, meaning that you don’t have ANY control on the spells of that staff one enchanted. I agree there can be some items with fixed spells so it provides some kind of personallity to the item let say legendarys, but for most of the items I still keep my point that we should be able to overwrite runes. Also its not about the amount of gear or runes, I also have storage full of them, is about being able to use / try what you want.

About easier enemies, now that I have played more I think they are ok, but this was mainly about going through the campaign, anyway I don’t have a strong opinion on this.

Resource Drop, yeah idk, this needs some rework, not sure about you but I think that being able to target farm a resource its nice, like in X part of the maps there are boars, ok If I want this weapon I need this mats so I need to go and kill this mobs for a while, I think it adds some kind of predactibility on the whole RNG, its still RNG because the item will have a drop chance, then you need to enchant it, etc. but you can target farm at least something.

Target farming or some way to gurantee drops, even at a cost, would be great. I put in another few hours yesterday and didn’t get a single boar’s tusk lol.

With the changing skills I think it would help if the UI was improved to show what the runes do. At this point I tend to try to get 2+ of a rune so I can make a throw away weapon just to see what they do and then put them on the weapon I want them on.

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