Most common frustrations after 6h of gameplay

I really like the general atmosphere of the game, but I’m having a bunch of things that are hindering the game’s enjoyability for me.
Here is a list:

  • Inventory size. It’s way too small, especially the ingredients inventory, but also gear and potions. It really sucks when you are exploring a new area and suddenly become unable to loot any more items and have to go back to the city to get rid of the extra. The process is not fun, time consuming and repetitive and I don’t see it adding anything useful to the game. Besides, unlocking more slots is gated behind a very rare item and it feels lame to “waste” it just to increase inventory size by 5 or whatever. I think the game could very much do without this mechanic at all, and just give the player a much bigger inventory by default.

  • Damage output. I’m doing a Strength Claymore build and it just doesn’t feel powerful. The damage output of the claymore doesn’t feel like it justifies the very long windup and recovery animations. If I hit a base enemy with a fully charged attack of an upgraded Claymore and it only deals like 1/3rd of its health bar, it feels underwhelming.

  • Starting weapon variety. I only found like 3 or 4 weapons that I can use in 6h of gameplay. This might become better later, but so far the choice is quite limited. Not that big of a deal, but I feel it could be more interesting to allow for more builds right from the get go.

  • Crafting recipes. First of all I don’t get why you need to explicitly “use” the recipe to learn it. You could just instantly learn the recipe once you get the scroll for it without bothering to explicitly use it. It’s pretty easy to forget and have that item take up precious inventory real estate. I think a “recipes” inventory tab (a-la Elden Ring) would be a more ergonomic choice. Also, the number of recipes I found so far is very low, so I have lots of ingredients just sitting in my inventory without me being able to use them (e.g. raw meat). I feel at least the basic food recipes should be much easier to obtain (e.g. have Gordon sell more of them).

  • Fall damage. Oh boy, gravity in this game is the most dangerous enemy by far. Every time I jump off a slightly-higher-than-usual altitude I take a bazillion damage, which is annoying, given that health regen is kind of a premium. I understand the need to prevent the player from sequence breaking areas, but I think the damage curve should be tuned in a way that is much more forgiving for smaller heights and then becomes really steep at some point. I don’t wanna sound like an Elden Ring stan, but it’s another thing that it does pretty well and I think it should be taken inspiration from. This way you give the player a little more agency when traversing familiar areas without making every staircase a potential death sentence.

  • Focus. Maybe it’s due to the build I’ve chosen, but I used Rune attacks like 3 times in the whole run so far. The Focus bar is just that slow to fill up that it’s easy to forget it’s even there. I know there are potions to fill it up, but I fall into the psychological trap of “better keep it for later” and end up never using them.

  • Time-gated events. Why, for the love of God, does stuff like city upgrades take real time to conclude? What does it add to the experience, aside the frustration of having to wait actual irl time to be rewarded? I could perhaps understand that you wanna prevent a player from steamrolling through the upgrades, but a) as far as I saw this is not a thing that can happen, since gathering resources is quite time-consuming; b) even if a player managed to do that, why not rewarding them for their efforts? Why forcing a irl wait like a bad microtransaction-based mobile game? If you wanna give the impression that it takes time to rebuild the city that’s fair, but at least link the upgrades to the game time and make them take much less time. In Ori WotW upgrades were instant and they never felt “cheap” or anything. Same story for the furnace and such: they should just be instant. This is not Minecraft and I see no value in making the player wait for such a trivial thing.

  • Randomized bonuses. This is admittely more of my personal taste, but I really dislike when the same item can have different parameters based on RNG. That’s one of the main reasons I disliked Borderlands, and I definitely wasn’t thrilled to see the mechanic in this game as well. In my opinion it makes the player waste a lot more time in trying to gauge the ups and downs of every single instance, not just class, of item, when maybe those differences are really inconsequential (“better have +5% hp regen or +7% xp gain?”). I get some people might like it, maybe even a lot, it’s just not my thing.

  • Grinding for health items. This hasn’t impacted me that much yet, but I feel it has the potential to later on. In a game where enemies don’t respawn and I might have to retry the same boss over and over, having no reliable source of healing (estus flask) can force the player to walk around grinding for healing items (or money to buy those items with). I think at least a small amount of guaranteed healing per-death should exist. Maybe not exactly estus flask-like, but something along that line.


Great feedback.
I share most of what was said.

I bought increased ingredient inventory as my first upgrade and I regret it now. Have a second weapon slot seems much more impactful for example than 5 ingredient slots.


I get people upset about inventory size, but that’s clearly limited initially so you can have more goals to upgrade your character besides bigger damage numbers. Plus, you get a stash pretty early on in the game to hold everything you don’t need atm.

I actually like the time gated events, it’s like the world is more organic and less artificial. But maybe they could change it so it functions on a in-game day cycle instead? idk, Harvest Moon did it quite nicely on PSX.

I also believe the recipes function they way they do so you could drop them and have a use for them even if you already know it. Wheter it is trading with other players that don’t have it yet or selling it for some coppers.

I agree that Focus should recharge a little faster naturally or, at least, increase a bit every level, because most abilities cost 100 to use and that’s what you start with, so you use all your “mana” for 1 special hit.

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100% agree with everything here. In terms of inventory space, I don’t have too much issue with it, but survival games have taught me to stash everything I don’t immediately need, so my inventory is almost always empty.

Yeah we really need some respec options.

If you’re good at it, you can parry and spam rune attacks. Otherwise yeah, waiting for the bar to fill with normal attacks feels slow but I think because of how much focus gauge you get with a parry, that system is working as intended. I think parrying-focus gain needs to be tuned down a bit so maybe the alternative is normal attacks giving more focus gauge. Nothing crazy but move it along just a bit faster.

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the claymore stuff is so true…

Agree on everything you mentioned. Particularly with the size of the crafting materials inventory. I personally don’t think this should be limited at all but making it initially larger and/or easier to upgrade would be nice.

I’m ok with having to farm consumables since apart from the herbs that are used as a base for almost every recipe I haven’t had any issues. Maybe tone down on the amount of mushrooms spawned since i ended up having about 60 of them at one point but wouldn’t cook anything since i didn’t have any herbs.

Please no, just neither. I’ve got like 8 hours per week to play games, either option is absolutely terrible. It’s mobile games tactics to get people to pay money. This stuff should just be instant.

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I agree with this point entirely.

honestly, im a bit confused

how the hell do you manage to do almost no damage with a claymore?
i beat the first big boss with 5 or 6 twohanded melee hits
most trashmobs are easily 1shot.
and judging by your playtime, i guess youre almost at the point where you can kill bounty-weeklies which reward you with the pestilence blood things.

  • some open world mobs and i had so much upgrade possibilities
    and the fact you complain about using recipes in your inventory is beyond any understanding for me…it doesnt even take 10 seconds to do that.
    also the healing is totally fine…there was never a moment where i ran out of money or resources to craft healing items, yet it seems already too overwhelming for people?

I really don’t understand people that come to a feedback forum for an early access game and basically tell people “I didn’t have this issue so it’s not a problem”. The very nature of the way the game is designed to allow players to do what they want is going to mean that every player is going to have a different experience with the game. Some people having a different experience to you doesn’t mean that it’s not a problem. It actually highlights a problem with the game’s design in that while one player may be able to “crack the code” and figure out how to make something work, another may not which will negatively impact their enjoyment of the game and that’s a problem.

You claim to have beaten the first boss with 5 to 6 hits with a two hander? Awesome! How? Because OP clearly did not have that same experience, I didn’t have that same experience and pretty much all of the streamers I watched playing the game also didn’t have that experience. You never had issues with healing items? Great! Maybe you’re just better at the game than some but that again highlights an issue with the system whereby one person may not have an issue with it but many are. These are the types of things the devs need feedback on. Everyone should be able to have the same baseline experience with the game’s basic systems like itemization, crafting and being able to heal your character and right now these things are not normalized and the the player experience can vary from player to player wildly.

not sure why youre answering so sassy,
if you have criticism, then yes, everyone is free to say so, but since its a forum, you shouldnt be offended just because someone does not agree.

so about the 2handed, i was exploring the whole first area, got a decent weapon and put most of the points into Strength. then i just parried the boss and i hit him right after that. iirc i did about 30+ damage each time.
so yes, if people say 2handeds are weak…then i strongly disagree…
theyre slow, but definitly not weak.
And healing, again…i dont understand how anyone can struggle with it, when you can literally pick up mushrooms and herbs every 2 meters.
you can also buy healingsupplies at the merchant for a few coppers…so please enlighten me…do you just want endless healthpotions, a free health reset and more? thats redicilous

Keep in mind that the feedback in my opening post is my experience after 6h, of course some things can and did change after some more time spent playing.
This doesn’t make the feedback less relevant though, as some players might stop playing due to similar frustrations and never get to overcome them, which is a pity.

Personally, I played some more hours and changed my mind a little about the claymore: after some upgrades and more leveling up strength it starts doing good enough damage. Also, I completely missed the mechanic of “parry fills up focus meter immediately” (I know, my fault) and realized parrying is not as optional as in other games, including dark souls. I also found a rune that makes healing trivial, solving the issue of limited healing items (lamer strategy? Maybe, but at least saves me time and I don’t enjoy grinding).

About healing items: the problem is not that they’re few in general, but specifically become very scarce when repeating a boss or area over and over, since they don’t respawn in that area and you’re forced to go somewhere else to fetch them, which is an annoying interruption to the gameplay.
Of course if you’re Good™ you don’t care at all, but a mechanic that penalizes less skilled players this much is bad in my opinion.

I still feel 2 handers do far too little damage for the slow attack speed. I upgraded the unique 2h sword the first boss can drop to the same level as the 1h sword I was using and it attacked at at a bout 1/4 the speed, left me wide open to being attacked and barely did 50% more damage than my 1h when both scale off of strength. That’s just a terrible tradeoff for a few more rune attacks.

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