Early game feedback

Visuals, exploration, and combat are excellent and kept me going through the pre-sanctuary section which feels quite punishing and frustrating at times. Before I even got to the blacksmith I trapped myself in a loop of breaking all my gear and fighting the last few enemies with fists over and over.

Other notes (8hrs played)

Fall damage feels over-tuned by maybe 25-50%. Taking fall damage because your character sprint-jumped down stairs is not fun.

Split up dash/sprint and parkour/jump buttons or make it harder to accidently leap off things. I died A LOT in the cave mushroom quest just walking off the edge of things. Currently this doesn’t feel like messing up a platforming sequence, it just feels bad.

Better early sources of food? The chef fixes this but early on it feels very bad to just run out of sources of healing when trying to get past the first boss or even a room of baddies

Some sort of optional parry-timing sound/visual indicator would be nice. The stretchyness of characters looks amazing but makes timing so difficult as to feel random