Gameplay Feedback

Very much enjoying the early access build so far (played up to Sacrament after thoroughly clearing the preceding areas), just had a few suggestions:

  • Due to the very low starting stamina and equip load, I felt like my first couple of level ups were spent just trying to make my character not feel limited in combat. A slight buff (equal to a few stat points) to each of these at the start would make the early game more fun imo and provide more incentive to branch out into other stats early on so that you can equip a greater variety of weapons.

  • Fall damage seems way overtuned. There’s all sorts of traversal that feels like it rides the line of intentional and unintentional (which is great!), but one wrong move and your health goes poof. I would very much like to see this be less of an issue - it’s like Dark Souls 2 levels of punishing as is. Not only would I like to see fall damage greatly reduced across the board, but it would also be nice to increase the height from which you can fall without taking damage so that smaller falls aren’t as punishing. With fall damage being less of an issue, I believe it would encourage engaging with the surprisingly robust traversal systems in Wicked even more.

  • Animations for chopping trees down, mining ore, etc. are way too long - I believe it should be like 1-2 swings of the weapon to keep the gameplay snappy and flowing. I understand this is likely because higher rarity tools will be able to chop/mine more quickly, but this could be offset by those 1-2 swings having a greatly increased durability cost equivalent to the current number of swings needed, and higher tier tools having significantly more durability than lower tier ones.

  • Timers for building improvements to the town feel pretty unnecessary. I don’t see a good reason why they’re like this - just make them instant.

  • Will there be a safety net for if a player completely runs out of healing items so that they don’t have to grind? This hasn’t been an issue for me so far in the early access build, though it’s easy to imagine a scenario where a player gets stuck on a boss and depletes all their good healing items, thus requiring grinding for more.

Game is really shaping up to be something special, good luck Moon!

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