8 Hours in and I LOVE IT. But

Before we start…

YES. I know what Early Access means. This isn’t my first rodeo. I recognize that potentially some or maybe even all of the “critiques” I have may be addressed.
I’m not going to be “complaining” about performance or lack of content. This is purely my on going list of things that I love and are working right by me and things I would love to see added or tweaked.

So far my list of things I’d like tweaked is growing. Once I “complete” the EA I will post my “Things I love feedback”

So I’m about 7 hours into the game and I gotta say I absolutely love what I’m playing. Before starting no rest for the wicked I played through all of Ori and the blind forest and halfway through Ori and the will of the wisp.

I can definitely feel the love and care that Moon Studios is putting into their games from the original stories to the amazing characters and beautiful worlds they are creating.

No rest for the wicked is truly a culmination of years of the passionate developers making great games.

My feedback for no rest for the wicked is as follows.

Things I absolutely love about the game-

  • Graphic art style is gorgeous
  • Voiced characters are excellent
  • World design Is engaging and fun to explore
  • Combat is weighty and impactful
  • Enemy designs are unique and varied
  • Time of day and weather effects are excellent
  • I surprisingly really enjoy the world building and fixer upper gameplay

Specific things that I feel may need improvement-

  • Walk animation is painfully slow. I want to explore at a slower pace but it feels more cumbersome than fun.

  • An Estus system. Food economy is fine but the food should always add some sort of buff. Perhaps enemies can drop more food related items. I realise there are items that help with HP mitigation. But I’d like to see meaningful buffs to food items. “Legendary Stews” for example.
    Maybe this will come, but i havent seen anything like this yet.

  • Foreground objects occluding the views. Fire for example during the opening battle on the ship. Enemies on an upper level blocking the enemies you are fighting at ground levels. I had to kite the enemy to another corner otherwise I was getting hit.

  • Enemy crits need more obvious tells. Git gud sure but lightning fast attacks with such a tight early game parry window can be punishing to new players. Tighter parry windows later in the game, after we have a chance to practice.

  • Hard Lock / Soft Lock Targetting system. Clicking R Thumb to lock. The soft lock does not work when retreating. Player Character view is constantly snapping back to the enemy. This changes camera which impedes where the player is looking.

  • Knocking enemies off ledges where does the loot drop?
    This has happened a handful or times where I’ve lost loot because the enemies rag dolls off a ledge. Sure, this may seem realistic but it’s equally as frustrating.

  • Durability with low-level crafting items, remove it. Make them slower to use, so the incentive is to craft or purchases higher quality especially pickaxes and wood axes. Higher level faster, crafting items can have a durability that would make them more desirable.

  • Chest in the water that is bugged, cannot loot

  • Stamina loss while swimming should be at a slower rate. Currently this stamina loss punishes players for exploration. If you can’t see the other side and you run out of stamina before you make it. I also tried to use a stamina vial while swimming and that didnt work. I died.

  • Graphical bugs where the ground has a gleam/shiny, and there is nothing to pick up, nothing to kick down.

  • Differentiate Place marker and place Pin. Marker is temporary and when the player approaches or passes it is removed, this will help us find ourbearings without cluttering the screen so much.

  • Markers stay on the map to highlight areas of interest, but I do not want them to always be shown on screen.

  • Crafting items should be pulled from your community chest in Sacrament, constantly running back and forth for crafting items early game is tiring.

  • Unable to pick up dropped items even after I’ve discard another item. Now I have the discarded item lost, and the looted item teasing me

  • Auto Loot Crafting Items accessibility. I have yet to find a time where I do not want to pick up a crafting item.

  • Dropped items show up as a skull on the map. This should be replaced with a chest icon or something more personal. This is confusing.

  • Sneak attacks on large enemies non existent. Maybe I need different weapon type or skill?

  • Channelling a Cerum whisper should restore at least sum health that is the trade-off for changing your respawn.

  • Chime or on screen visual indicator that your focus is full and ready for your power attack

  • Different Key binds for using health items. Sometimes it’s very difficult to heal during combat.

  • I’d like use of the Right stick during inventory screens. This will allow us to quickly cycle between different sections of inventory. Witcher 3 did this perfectly. Or if not using Right Stick allows us to “round-robin” to the other side of the screen. Inventory management is currently clunky.

  • TRY ON option for clothing from vendors. That way, you can see what your character look like. Wicked fashion?.

  • Allow placing markers on merchants in Sacrament

  • Replacing a Bounty deletes the other bounty chosen. I’ve accidentally deleted bounties this way. Hard lesson learned I suppose.

  • Mule/Caravan system? There’s all kinds of birds in the game, bird motifs etc. I would love to have a pet friend that I can send a satchel full of goodies back to the Roost. It can be timed so we don’t spam it, thats understandable.

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