First Game Session Feedback

Hi everyone,
No Rest for the Wicked impressed me very much since the first trailer during the TGA 2023 and the Wicked Inside of the 1st March convinced me to buy and support this awesome project since its Early Access stage on Steam.
Since this is the first time I have bought an Early Access on day one I want to share my feedback from my first game session last night.
First of all, it was so fun and frustrating at the same time but what I think about at the moment is mostly positive.

I’m going to go through and write a numbered list of each aspect I want to talk about:

  1. The handpainted artstyle is wonderful (as a 3D artist aspiring to reach a similar level sooner or later, it is inspiring and exemplary) and the in-game animations are amazing and with the right weight on every action performed by the playing character and NPCs (some of the best I have ever seen since I started playing videogames when I was 4, now I’m 25)
  2. The combat system seems to be pretty hard to master but it is really satisfying anyway
  3. The starting area of the game is pretty large and pleasant to explore thanks to the various secrets to discover
  4. Despite the great performance of my PC (NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4070Ti, AMD Ryzen 7 5800X 8-core and 32 GB of RAM), the game’s stability is not at its best, even when I set the performance mode in the graphics settings, especially in the Mariner’s Keep and in the first boss fight arena
  5. Cerim Whispers should be full player’s HP when you interact with them like Dark Souls bonfires and not just respawn locations
  6. I know it’s an artistic choice, but I think the game’s lighting is often too dark, and it’s hard to see and clearly understand what’s happening on screen in many circumstances
  7. I think it needs to be more clearly marked when you’re staggering enemies and vice versa
  8. I feel little control over jumping and climbing when exploring, it caused me to die a few times. I also feel that climbing areas (like rocks or ruined walls) are not clearly marked, vines and most ladders apart

My desire to play is over the top and I can’t wait to discover what comes next. I also hope to give constant feedback on this amazing game.