My feedback on the game after 5 hours of gametime

I want to start by saying that this game is really good, and my expectations were fulfilled. The story so far is intriguing, the combat is brutal and satisfying and the graphic and art of this game is impressive. But there are ups and also downs.

Stamina should be more, or deplenish less quickly, also the stamina indicator should be made more visibile, a lot of time I find myself with no stamina and struggling because I can’t see it.

Armor and weapon disintegration is nice (I prefer more this than losing exp or other debuffs), but at the same time can be also frustrating, maybe this can be solved by taking more deaths for a weapon/armor to lose all their integrity.

The world feels alive and vibrant but it is also really dark in some places especially at night, sometimes it is hard to see roads or chests, even when they are under you nose. I don’t know if later in the game there will be torches or lanterns, this is my feedback after 5 hours and for now I haven’t found any of them.

I really appreciate that enemies don’t respawn after death but there are new enemies which go in the area you have explored before and they have new drops and are much more powerful sometimes. This is great, i’ve explored again the coastal area and realising that things where different really gives life to the world.

In Italian there are some lines which have not been transleted, like when speaking to the guards who gives you bounties and challenges and in Sacra when approaching a door the name of the place in which you are entering is dispalyed in english, not a problem for me, but for others it can be one.

Performance wise after updating my nivdia drivers with their latest update the game is already performing much better. It is stable with a few frame drops here and there which are connected to the loading of new areas or when there are lot of effects on screen, but after a few seconds everything is smoother than it was yesterday.

Finally, I can say that No Rest for the Wicked is a well made game, even if it is in early access you can see it’s potential from the start and it has time for being improved. The things that I have said, which can be polished until the 1.0 release, don’t affect negatively on the game. I am enjoing it and I will continue to do so.