Feedback from 3.3 hours of gameplay

Fantastic game with a great story. The watercolor art style and graphics are very nice. Characters look and feel unique unlike most games. Voice acting is great. Music and sounds are pretty good. Exploring and finding several new undiscovered areas near old discovered areas is exciting. To say the least, this game is very refreshing and definitely worth the price compared to other lackluster games being sold for over twice the amount. The UI looks and feels great. With early access in mind, here are the negatives I’ve experienced so far:

Frames are skipping occasionally even after lowering graphical settings and lowering the target fps. Usually this happens when entering a room, during cutscenes and especially during combat. Audio also cuts out randomly on its own for about half of a second, but sometimes happens during frame skipping.

Combat feels nice but could use some work. It feels as though it was made primarily for controller or console users. Turn on auto-lock keyboard and mouse users! I turned this setting off by default because I was used to not using auto-lock in games like Elden Ring but it is definitely must needed on this game. Your character attacks where your mouse is located on screen, which I don’t like, but auto-lock helps alleviate this.

PC users forced to see their mouse icons on-screen. I dislike this feature. It’s too distracting to see my mouse flying across the screen during combat. That’s just my opinion and is entirely subjective with each person.

A few graphical bugs, for example, when breaking a box, fx effects are shown near the box when destroyed but also near a random location in the room. Sharpness seems to be extremely high and some objects like water and shine on some surfaces look way too sharp. I tried lowering sharpness in the in-game graphics settings, but it’s somewhat difficult to lower some sharpness without making the entire game look blurry.

There is no ability to remap keybindings in its current state, which is very much needed and when playing in full screen, the mouse moves off screen and onto other monitors if the user is using a dual monitor setup. That can be very annoying especially during combat when your mouse is flying around the screen.

Anyways, that’s my take. Amazing game and No Rest for the Wicked is in a very good state to be early access. Hopefully this helps improve things. Great job, developers.