Feedback after 25,5h

Games fun! - very fun! but it does need some more time in the oven as many have written before me.
My feedback so far - 25,5h into the game:

Combat (earlygame):

  • fighting 3+ enemies at the same time feels like a ‘kite-fest’
  • (pre-hotfix) staminapool did feel a bit too low for constant dodging, parrying, attacking, etc.
  • enemies feel a bit overtuned at the star but are very manageable with some effort

Combat (lategame):

  • being able to swap weapons mid-fight is definitely a great idea, having different movesets is great
  • parrying feels a bit too finicky - maybe adjust the parry window a bit (might be fine afterall after watching ONGBALs video)
  • playing on MNK switching targets is a pain in the ass and sometimes results into chaos
  • chip damage on block started feeling wrong, we ain’t playing Tekken here :smiley: thus posture and stam consume is enough IMO
  • failing a parry should deal posture damage only


  • world feels really interconnective which is great
  • it felt rewarding at first but later on not that much - clearing 5 enemies off a chest just to get a root feels very wrong
  • leaning more into my previous point chests should have a smaller loottable (armor/weapons/jewelry for bigger chests)
  • climbing and balancing over obstacles feels really finiky on MNK maybe it gets better with keymapping


  • cooking and crafting armor/weapons feels OK overall
  • having to wait 3-8min to process raw items (ores, etc.) feels more annoying rather than realistic
  • having to wait up to 4(?) ingame(?) hours to upgrade buildings feels too long IMO
  • having the choice to enchant armor either to blue or purple quality would be a great addition

I’ll continue playing endgame content and might even start new characters down the road.