My feedback after 8hours gametime

Well I’ve played for aprox 8 hours and here are some of the feedback I have so far.

First of all I love this game so far its really fun, its fun to make your char better that you actually need to upgrade your gear putting stones in weapons and so on it feels great, the game is very beautiful and I like the city layout and that you upgrade it etc it makes it feel alive.

Voice acting is godlike really good job on that!

The combat is fun and rewarding, it feels nice when you defeat mobs without they hitting you (it can be improved I come to that laters).

The first 2 bossfights were funny as hell, I died 2 times on the first one and 6 times on the 2nd one damn I got sweaty.

Also another thing I am what you can call a horder in most games, I never or rarely use any elixirs coz I am always saving them up until I am against a harder boss/mobs/pack that never gets there so I end up full runs without using any buffs. But here in this game I need to use them all the time and I actually like that.

But here are some of the feedback that I would like to see improved.

Death is very punishing, I was trying to learn how to perfect parry but I kept on dieing that ended up that it costed me tons of money. Just to learn some of the mechanics in the game I got punished for.

Solution for that would maybe be remove repair cost. Also I would like to have someone in the town where I could train to parry/block/dodge with that could also help that out.

keyboard & mouse I know you said you will fix that but the mapping is aweful and happy that you are working so we can change that ourselves.

Since the mouse pointer doesnt do anything in the game why do I see that?

I dont know if its me but I cant see what my runes are doing? it would be nice if somehow I could actually see what the runes I have on my weapons are doing.

Would be nice to know when reagents/chests etc are respawning.