My feedbacks so far

First of all I’m sorry for my bad English.
This game is very promissing, and I’m really enthusiast to be part of the early access. This are my thoughts on the game so far :

Artistic Direction : the game is beautiful, the soud design is awesome, the music is great and the voices are good enough. I had some issues with texts not been traduced in french, specially in the lodge, but that’s ok. A also experienced visual artifacts and non buffering environment between Sacrament and the woods at the west.

Gameplay : the choices you made with gameplay are interesting, and I like it so far. The combat feeling is great, but I experienced issues while fighting multiple ennemies, with the autolock not always targeting the closest opponent. I tested a great hammer, a dagger and a staff with fireballs. All three went good and I managed to have some success. A had issues with the siren rapier, wich did no damage at all and burned all my stamina bar in one attack. If I could make an advice, it would be to allow us to have access to a wider variety of weapons very early in the game, because that is the real strenght of your game : variety in the gameplay.

Exploration : i loved how the map were designed. Special mention to the sewers and to the last part of the mountain.
Always pressing a key on my PAD to run felt a bit odd at the beggining, and I fell a lot and climbed over things strange like braziers in Sacrament… My advice would be to prevent climbing nd falling over more things, like if braziers were walls for example, specially in the city, and to make sure a character could not fall while walking, because I sometimes felt bad when I fell because I went a pixel further that I should have done.

Story : the story i great so far and I am impatient to know the next steps…

Farming : I know farming, and returning to explored levels is part of the affirmations of the game, but a lot of Souls-like fans are not excited about this. I personnaly like farming, and I loved doing the ruins and the beach two times. Maybe it could be possible to make death a little less punitive, and buying components for the food, the wood and the metal a little less expensive in the city, so that the players who don’t like farming will fell less abandoned.

Cerim dungeon : it feels a little bit too hard for me at the moment…

And that’s it for my feedbacks today. I will keep on playing, trying new items, doing again zones I explored less. Congratulations for this great game, and don’t hesitate to contact me if you want some more discussion and suggestions…