Just some general feedback and suggestion

Enjoying mostly so far after 13 hours of gameplay

Is there a way to choose your starting weapon? I started my game by finding only the heavy two-handed claymore and ended up using that for hours.
It was ok, but some variety might be better for start at least.

The isometric camera is actually a bit hindering the gameplay as the view gets blocked by whatever shadows are in front of camera.
Specially when you get to go to sewers, you can’t even see what is coming until it’s too late and enemy gets few free hits on you.
Maybe you can use other analog stick to move the camera angle a bit, to see what might be ahead of you.
And some minor puzzles that the effect happens at the edge of the screen are hard to notice.

Button presses don’t always register properly, not sure if it’s my setus or game issues tbh, but for example, when i try to heal in middle of battle, nothing happens. Or when i choose the bounty, or challenge, game doesn’t register the button press and i end up trying to click more and i accidentally also cancel the bounty / challenge.
Someone else mentioned that you could add a confirmation if you want to cancel it and/or use different button to confirm it.

The crab challenge i couldn’t progress, as i cleaned entire area of the crabs in the keep with other enemies and i ended up walking and searching for like 30 to 40 minutes of the entire area of the crabs and find nothing. Maybe some ques of where these critters might be would be helpful.

Getting resources. Why you get only 1, or maybe 2 pieces of wood for chopping down a tree? I understand it balances the game, but then again you need to find a ton of trees to get few resources.
Same with ore.
I get that some are rare resources, but you need lots to fix/upgrade buildings and you also need some to upgrade gear.

And if you’re in town and want to upgrade your gear or the buildings, you have to carry everything with you. What if you can just use materials straight from your stash to upgrade everything while in town?
Specially when you have limited inventory space it might be better.

But loving the game so far.

The crab challenge took me so long.
For me it was the crab at the red arrow in like a tower that is very easily missed. I highlighted the two possible paths to get there in green.

THX not sure if i checked that place, but if i get the same challenge i’m sure to check this out.