Account specific loot tables that lock you out of certain items

Hey!! I’m in love with the game so far, a bit of feedback on a system I realized was making the experience a bit worse than it’s potential.
I saw a few people in discord who think there is a pre-determined loot table for an account and you don’t get to see some weapons at all. And I believe the same thing; it feels like the game locks you out of having certain types of weapons byy straight up removing them from the loot table. Since I found my first scythe 63 hours into the game.
While it may simulate variety to play 63 hours and still find new weapon types I think this system is really bad and goes against the fantasy of “create your own class” that’s used in the marketing. It is really frustrating when a player comes into the game thinking they will play a rapier but they find their first rapier after they already finish all the content(happened to me, my first rapier 20 hours in, I was already done with the content, even worse so I assumed it was a dex weapon but it turned out it was pure int, not saying it should be dex but no way to respec made it worse)
I think we don’t have to FORCE build variety by locking some options off for certain players, I’d just let players have varied weapon types and people will already create varied builds.