Classes or Starting Items

I feel like the game would benefit from providing initial starting classes similar to Dark Souls. I found very few different weapons in the early game and I ended up getting stuck into a build with the starting longsword and not having much freedom early on.

Giving players the ability to choose starting gear and stats would allow for more playstyles early on and improve replayability as you’d be able to start a new character with a unique playstyle than your last.

For example, you pick between a Warrior class that has extra str and less dex and has a str scaling weapon and a shield. Or a Mage class that has lots of magic, less str and dex and starts with a staff and magic scaling sword etc.


Agree with this. Or at least let us choose our starting weapon. After the intro sequence you should be able to find your weapon washed ashore nearby.


Either this or hand placing a weapon for each mains attibute at the “washed ashore bit” before Sacrament, so you could go towards your build and not be penalised by early RNG. (ie: strength, intelligence and dex)

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There should be starting classes to choose and of course to start with own customization. Classes should also have starting weapon of the kind that supports their stats. If you take custom build you should have some option maybe to choose the starting weapon.

If the weapon is not in the start of the game then it could be the first weapon that you find depending on your class.

And obviously we should have respec system of some kind. With money or special item. Or maybe when you have advanced to some point in the game.

I think that’s why they increased the selection of items Fillmore has for sale at the beginning after you rescue him. He has stuff for most obvious builds. The only issue is getting to him if you have bad RNG and get a starting weapon that you don’t like.

When you’re on the ship and the battle starts maybe they could put a “weapon rack of sorts” with the weapons on them and you can pick which one you want and then wash ashore with it.