Top Three Problems after 33.1h

First i love the game i have 33 hours in it. Story done, crucible and house building in progress.
The combat and the level design is genius (whole new world behind every small rock).
The town is cozy, and i love how it can be altered.
I like the bounties and challenges.

I just want to report what drops me out from the gameplay flow and makes me annoyed.

  1. Inventory. I’m full very full, but i need the resources. My bags, my chest everything.( i want starting gear for alts too)
  2. Interaction clunkiness. Trying to find the right position, so i can pull the lever/ talk to the npc / start crucible are all really breaks the gameplay flow
    a. Furnace is too close to the blacksmith, hard to repair my stuff and go back do my stuff (lvl2 blacksmith)
    b. Crucible opening animation lock is waaay to long
  3. Alt/new character/friend??? Okay i can make other characters for new weapons but everything is a miniboss, is there a good way to create a fresh character for my town? I wanna try my new shiny weapon/build.


  1. Don’t listen suggestions, if you want to make a different game than the others. Contemplate on the problems first, then listen the players who came from the other IP-s. They have a hard time to think outside of the box.(Hah! If the inventory solution is a bigger box, this will age like wine)

  2. For problem 1. : It’s a bit silly that the boss juice give you more inventory space or more fingers.(?) That maybe should have some tuning.
    Maybe craft weapon/armor racks, clothesline for herbs or wood and ingot piles you can build, so you can see how many you have and don’t need to hold them in your back pocket.
    If they exist put some next to the shop keepers so ppl will know they can have their own later. Plus with that, the players will have their stuff organized and “labeld” so the will know who can use them.

  3. For problem 2. : step in distance, the character step in the right position from a bit faar away, and don’t put interactable things too close pls. (blacksmith)

  4. For problem 3. : Maybe the new character should able select special bounties with newbe Risen. Not with Mr. Mother Ducker Mutant Ninja Risen God of War? Uh and MORE bounties from thy can choose x.

I really love the idea that you can change the word with the quest/bounty you pick, you should build on that. With some branching I guess?
Bounty: “Risen and Mutant Rats(or any two faction) are fighting in the Shallows, use the chaos make them pay.” (or something similar)

Then the faction members are fighting when you arrive and if you leave some alive form just one of the faction they will occupy the Shallows and their boss will come to hang out there. Or other living word consequences. Maybe Inquisition intervention if you live the heretics alive something like that line.