60 hours full feedback, bugs, balance changes, suggestions etc

First just wanted to say I absolutely love this game, I think the devs have done a great job and excited to see how this game progresses. Anyway just wanted to leave my feedback here, Cheers.


  • There is a severe lack of storage at endgame. Storage should have 100+ slots and stack items to 99, or in the case of food items much more.
  • We really need a way to respec our character.


  • When double daggers and a bow are equipped, you should still be allowed to fire your bow.


  • Some items at least so far seem very hard to get (clay)
  • Wool and Bear paw ingredient is rarely in the game (as far as I know) and is needed to upgrade weapons/armour to tier 3


  • When crafting stuff, the game should also just use what’s in your storage, not just what’s on your character. This is tedious and annoying.
  • Need a “stack all” button for player/storage inventory. I have many incomplete stacks of items.
  • Furnace completed ingots need a “take all” button, like press Y
  • Need way more storage space in chests (like 100+ slots or more) and items should be able to stack to 99. (Day 4 my house is crammed full of max storage, and feel massively incapable of storing everything I want). This prevents me from designing the house to look like a home, and more of a tetris abomination of crates
  • Storage chest sort by name/item type/weight


  • quest progress is hard to track (kill crabs west of mariners keep) how many though?
  • Can’t see a preview of what an item is if you can’t pick it up off the ground
  • Crafting an upgraded weapon should show the increased stats after upgrade on the upgrade screen (not talking about enchanting)
  • Need a “compare stats” tab in inventory, for comparing rings, armour etc.
  • When looking at runes in inventory or about to slot in a new rune at Eleanor, it would be nice if a little video popped up beside it showing the rune skill in action
  • Bounties vendor should have a “refreshes in X hours” timer on the screen
  • On cursed gear “lose gold/experience on death” or “lose experience on hit”, please tell us how much! Is it lose 50 gold on death? Lose ALL gold on death, Lose X% on death?


  • The “sale” sign outside the front of the house you own is too close to the door and annoying, it could be moved 2 meters away.
  • Any intractable door won’t give you the prompt to open if you are too close to it. A small QOL here would be nice.
  • Really need a way to respec stats
  • Ability to delete realms
  • Ability to change your characters name or edit their appearance including changing gender
  • Need to add accessibility options/ key rebinding for players who are impaired.
  • Needs stuttering optimization and DLSS


  • Combat. A big problem is combat gets janky fighting multiple enemies, so I have a large suggestion here both that would add a bit more depth, be fun, and give the player more agency to fight 1vX. Add in a parry with auto-riposte animation system that gives you iFrames throughout (like the way backstab does). I know this is asking for A LOT of extra animation work from the devs but I feel it is worth it if it’s possible and a missing link to combat flow. Fighting multiple enemies becomes a bit tedious because they don’t stagger (which i like but creates problems like 1vX fights) and you’re just dodging/running around looking for an opportunity to get a single strike in. If there was a parry-riposte animation, this would make fighting groups far more manageable and rewarding. With regain Focus on parry perks, this could create a far more satisfying and immersive loop fighting multiple enemies where you are more invested in their attacks and counter attacks as opposed to just spamming focus skills and drinking focus potions. The loop would be more like: watch enemies for a telegraphed attack-Parry fish for riposte- earn focus from parry- use focus skill- get in stabs on stragglers/stunned enemies- parry again etc. Different weapons could have different crit% chances or other different utilities from this animation, for example:
    Daggers have the highest single target damage,
    Claymores are able to do a sweeping slash cutting other enemies,
    Spears can do a wide foot sweep (knocking down multiple small enemies) followed by a ground stab,
    Katana could do a sheathed slice that travels 4-5 meters then enemies in the path spill blood a second later,
    Great hammers could pound the enemy to the floor and release a shock wave in surrounding area staggering enemies,
    Bows could do a flurry of 3 arrows/ or a powerful arrow that travels through multiple enemies,
    Shields could do a bash/ sweep/ knockdown,
    Staves/wands could do a sweep then send down a rain of ice shards/ fireball/ vines that ensnare etc,
    Great clubs could knock enemies back far being able to ledge them off a cliff,
    Scythes a wide swipe,
    Rapiers 3 deep pokes etc

  • I would like to see more off-hand options like parry dagger etc

  • Would love to see some more unique weapons like Fists, Claws, Kusarigama, Shotel.

  • Would love so ninja armour or more assassin armour

  • Would be nice to be able to pan the camera a little bit in all directions to see ahead with right stick


  • When using skirts on the female character like the “Nith Leviathan Leggings”, when you dodge, her entire ass clips through the pants.
  • Bounties vendors rewards preview often seems to clip off the screen with no way to scroll down to see rewards
  • When doing the sewers, my character glitched through a locked door without finding the key, now when I go back it’s still locked and I can’t find the key (I think it was the water sewer key? The wooden door on the far left of whisper, near the first hydraulic lift thing).
  • Arrows don’t seem to target the wolf with the stick on his face
  • Finley not leaving jail cell and show up as vendor
  • Resting at the inn doesn’t restore HP as advertised

Just to end, there is so much to love in this game, art style, voice acting, meaningful combat, looting is easy and intuitive and fixed the annoying loot piñata system in similar games, cutscenes and facial animations, brilliant level design (reminiscent of Dark souls 1), great boss combat and general enemies. I also like the lack of fast travel, time to build/craft items, farming runs, player housing (if storage issue is fixed). Brilliant game that is just lacking some content and rough around the edges but keen to see where the devs take this.