Feedback and Some suggestions

Just some feedback after playing for around 40 hours…

Inventory Managment / Item Storage

I feel the storing and accessing of your collected items in game needs work as i found myself getting more frustrated the more items i had obtained.

Suggestions for improving Inventory Managment / Item Storage

1. Have your stored items(items in your house) be usable and accessable at any vendor whilst in the hub city.
This would remove the need to carry certain items with you on your character and also make it easy if you are crafting.

I want to craft a new 2 hand sword it requires 2 bear claws, 2 silver, 2 iron, 2 copper I have all the items stored in my house storage but i can see i have the items available from the craft screen. I hit craft, the items are taken from my house storage automatically and the new sword is made! and i havent had to pull my hair out trying to find the bear claws id stored in one of 20 different chests! its just auto detected and ready for me to craft.

2. Consider a Universal Storage Chest similar to what you would find in games like Path of Exile or Diablo 3 where you can either purchase stash tabs as a gold sink or even have them linked to the ichor system you have currently.
I think this would help streamline the inventory system so much and remove much of the pain and frustration currently present.
Also if this was considered, your house could actually be made into a cool looking house rather than an empty bare room full of storage chests XD

Weapons Feedback

1. Allow players to Equip Weapons even if the DO NOT meet Stat requirments.

This for me is a MUST CHANGE for the game in its current state. The stat req limits a players ability to want to use new weapons without knowing what the weapons moveset is like. combined with high stat reqs you essentially have to gamble and hope you like the moveset which just seems silly given the time investment into gaining levels to achieve the stats required.

I propose a solution similar to DarkSouls where any character can equip any weapon (even if they do NOT meet the stat req)

If a player opts to do this the weapon would deal significantly less damage than what it would if you had the required stats (maybe something like a 90% dmg reduction)

by making this change a player can test out the weapon see if they like it before investing.

Weapon Skills

1. Socketable weapon skills should be able to be tested before slotting.
2. Socketable Weapon skills should have a detailed explanation tool tip of what it does exactly. maybe with a short Video of the Skill in use so the player can SEE exactly what the skill does ahead of committing to it.

3. A 3rd suggestion would be to make it so that socketed weapon skills can be overridden for a cost.

my sword has frost dash skill on it and i want to use plague strike so i select frost strike and it is overridden with my new plague strike skill. I test it out decide i dont like it and want to go back to frost dash, so i override plague strike with frost dash for a gold cost and now im back to where we started!

3.1 This idea got me thinking about how you could implement a “weapon Skill book” where you collect all the different weapon skills by dismantling them at the enchanter. Once a skill has been collected/ disenchanted from a weapon you will have permenant access to that skill for a gold cost! This would also help with the inventory management / clutter issues mentioned above!

Weapon Elemental Damage

1. Can we get tool tips for each damage type and what they do exactly please.

2. Weapons with 2 elemental types (1 base 1 crafted) seem to only deal damage of the highest rolled element.

Weapon in question has 8% cold and 12% lightning. The weapon only seems to deal lightning damage dispite having the 8% cold. (or at least there arent any cold elemental damage numbers appearing, only lightning)

It would be good to know if this is intentional or a bug, as the idea of having dual elemental weapons opens up alot of exciting build choices in the future!

I havent done a bunch of extensive testing across many weapons but clarification regarding dual elemental weapons would be much appreciated!

Skill points & levelling up

1. We need a respec option.
I am sure this is something you are either for or against but i do feel even if you didnt want to implement a respec option for all allocated level ups for your 1.0 release i think it would be helpful for testing purposes in the current build.

Character appearance

1. can we get a transmog system, so we can apply the looks of armour sets weve unlocked previously?

2. armour dyes so we can match colours from different sets maybe?

Its a cheeky ask as its early days but i do love me some gear fashion!

My overall thoughts about the game

Its great fun! ive enjoyed exploring, killing stuff and the world looks so beautiful, i cannot wait to see and play more! You guys have struck a really interesting balance between the methodical, punishing combat of Dark Souls and the top down ARPG loot collecting, character building of Diablo which has certainly kept me entertained for more time than i had expected, which is a fantastic start indeed!

I look forward to seeing whats coming next!
Keep up the fantastic work!

Great post and explanations and I fully agree!

Although the transmog system is something I actually don’t like, it takes away the randomness for me. But, I could just not use it then.

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I’m agree with you ! many things gonne wrong with the game at this moment but, no rest for the wiked is a promising title !

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I would like to add one suggestion, the management of all kinds of resources in your house are literally ruining all the immersion and the flow of the game.
Resources and materials should be put inside a dedicated storage where you can put all of them inside without limitations.
In the actual game they force you to buy an absurd quantity of chests, turning your house into a freakin magazine.