Feedback after ~30 hours in

The game feels much better than it did in the first couple hours did, especially with the changes made over the weekend (thanks for patching over the weekend too).

Durability - Much better than the first day, but it has become incredibly inconsequential as I’ve acquired more tools. Why bother having it if it’s so easily circumvented? Monster Hunter’s whetstones or Lies of P’s grindstone are good implementation of durability, otherwise it really is just adding a time loss on top of the existing time loss inherent of failure

Equipment Slots QoL - I’ve unlocked my third primary weapon slot and both the second and third are empty. Having an empty slot is nice to be able to use my bow relatively quickly, but having to cycle through the second empty slot seems unnecessary. Cycling should go to at least one empty slot, but skip any other empty slots. It’s really nice that the additional slots don’t apply to your weight load until you’re actively using them though

Item stacks - I’ve seen that a 99 size stack is already being considered. That’s fine for being in the inventory, but I think a 999 or uncapped storage would be even better. After playing a character for hundreds of hours, any inventory management mechanics designed to inhibit are only going to be tedium rather than introducing difficulty.
One of my least favorite things is having to cut a capped stack in half to sell so I can begin picking up and storing the same item again because I’m not about to let a chest in the wild remain unlooted

Using items directly from storage - I hope this is in the works because it’d make using stacks from storage very convenient. Having to run from my house near the gallows, drop down on top of Fillmore, realize I forgot something back home, and make that trek again isn’t old right now, but I can definitely see myself getting tired of it after hundreds of hours. Having NPC actions like upgrading or infusing pulling directly from storage would be great.
Items like the anvil, sawmill, alchemy table, etc can be placed in your home, so those could be limited to having direct storage access while placed in your home. This would encourage interaction with the housing system.

Processing stations - Sawmill, tanning rack, etc should eventually allow for full stacks to be placed instead of single items. There’s already a time gate on it, I’d like to be able to process a whole stack rather than about a third of it at a time.

Locking on - The soft lock on is fine for the most part, but there are times when it goes haywire. The bloated fellas with snakes inside them are a prime example of this. When the four snakes spawn, I find myself jumping between all four targets without moving my mouse at all

Merchant housing - I preferred when Eleanor and Whittacker were in stalls simply for the fact that I did not have to interact with a door and wait for animations/loading. Happy they’re no longer homeless, but they should be still be doorless like the twins

Rune/Gem UI - provide more information on what all the runes and gems do from their UI. Gems will at least inform me what they’re going to do when I got to socket them, but applying runes is completely blind. For example, Thorns has a cool icon but I have no clue what it’s going to do based on the rune description. Am I going to provide myself with at thorns buff so enemies take damage on striking me? Am I going to cause an eruption of thorns under the enemy? I have no clue. Buying a second weapon to slap a rune onto to test it out isn’t very intuitive.

Alternatively, allow progression to safely removing runes and gems through upgrading Eleanor. The feel I get from the game is that I should be able to take any weapon from the very beginning all the way to the end similar to a traditional souls game. If I get that tier 1 weapon that I want to carry with me and upgrade until end game, I would like to eventually be able to perfect its gems. The gems should break on removal of course, but freeing a slot to try again is essential. Similarly, eventually allow weapons to not break from rune removal.

Enchantment UI - Similarly, give more information on what enchantments are doing. How much gold loss on death? How much exp loss on damage taken? Are two items with the same loss on death equal?

I think that’s all I can think about for now. I’ve really enjoyed it after the first patch

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