Feedback and Suggestions

So I want to start out I love the base of this game and exploring the world and finding secrets and new gear. There are however a few things that would make the experience better

  1. Durability. This has been touched on a lot by a lot of people. My suggestion is not to outright remove it but change a few things about it so it isn’t as oppressive.
    * Make weapons and armor not lose durability on attacking and being
    hit, Instead it should only go down a bit on death as a light
    punishment for dying.
    * Tools should not break on durability depletion and instead go to
    unusable state.
    * Increase tools durability. I can currently only mine 4 or 5 rocks before
    my pickaxe is close to breaking. This feels bad because it makes the
    player need to go back to town to repair a lot just to harvest resources
    which you need to do a lot of.
    * Ability to repair for free/cheaper in house if you own the correct work
    station. This would help encourage setting up a house and could be
    added function to the anvil or a new repair bench station.

  2. The last point leads into my second area of feedback Player Housing.
    Currently you can do all the crafting and repairing at the market because
    all vendors have the crafting stations you can buy for house. This can be a
    problem because it doesn’t encourage a player to buy or setup a house.

    • My suggestion is have crafting stations in a house pull the resources
      from the chests in the same house. This helps inventory management
      so the player isn’t going through chests to grab items to make
      something specific. It adds quality of life and a big reason to set up
      crafting in house opposed to just using the marketplace.
  3. Some negative enchants in the game like losing experience when taking
    damage is really harsh and makes items completely unusable. Maybe
    change to on death? In same area purple gear that has a negative effect
    should have higher value positive affects to play into risk and reward.
    Currently I have not seen many purples that are worth using over blue
    rarities because the positive benefits are not more beneficial then what I
    have on my blue gear that doesn’t have a negative. Maybe add unique
    gameplay affecting enchants that come exclusively on purples that aren’t
    just stat bumps.

  4. Some way to slightly target certain weapon types. I wanted to do a dual
    dagger build, but I’ve only seen like 4 or 5 dual dagger drops my entire 15
    hours I’ve played so far. I’m asking for some way to target farm specific
    weapon type or have that weapon more likely to drop. Doesn’t need to be
    guaranteed just seeing only around 5 total drop in 15 hours seems really

  5. Longer term would be more in depth crafting/enchanting system.
    Currently the enchant system isn’t incredibly flexible and is pure rng if you
    get something decent or not. That works as a base but I think there
    should be some sort of way to either remove certain enchants from the
    enchant pool to increase likelihood to get ones a player wants or you can
    change one or two of the enchants you rolled on an item by spending
    resources and money. Essentially just ways for players to combat the rng a
    bit and have some ways to tailor the gear to what they’re looking for.

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I believe the changes you suggested to durability are the best I’ve seen so far. 100% agree on that.

I also think they should fine tune purple items. I almost never use them because the drawbacks feels way more powerful than the buffs. Losing experience on damage for me is os of the worst. I really like the suggestion to turn this into lose XP on death.