Inventory issues and qol improvements

The limited bag space is an issue very early on and I don’t see it getting better. I have noticed you can buy chests with 10 slots which is ok to start, rather than that I think having storage being apart of your home when you buy it would be a great addition, just to start with giving us something along the lines of the community chest in the first location when we enter the city at you home would be great… A very good quality of life improvement as well would be to increase the stacks up to 99 or even more if you can, for at least ingredients, if not everything minus gear of course. Also having a button that allows us to auto move inventory from your bag to storage if it is already within your storage would be great. Inventory in general needs work, there is lots to collect and not enough space to horde it all. I find myself destroying things when out and about just to pick up more stuff.

Great game, with so much potential!