Feedback on Inventory

I want to share some thoughts on the inventory system, which I believe could enhance the gameplay experience.

I’ve noticed that the inventory capacity becomes a limiting factor quite quickly, which sometimes interrupts the flow of exploration and progression. To address this, I would like to suggest two potential improvements:

  1. Increase the Base Inventory Capacity: A larger inventory would allow players to carry more items, reducing the frequency of having to manage or clear out inventory during critical moments of gameplay.

  2. Automatic Storage for Overflow Items: For items collected when the inventory is full, an automatic transfer to a personal chest at the player’s home base could be a great convenience feature. This would allow players to continue their adventures without worrying about missing out on important or rare items.

Implementing either of these changes could significantly improve player satisfaction and reduce gameplay interruptions.


I agree. Early game when you’re not sure what weapon, armor or abilities you want to go with, you end up with an almost full inventory with maybe 1 or 2 empty spaces to work with. If the inventory management is part of the main gameplay loop and infinite is not an option, it needs to be increase dramatically. I also don’t think it’s normal to max out the inventory of the upgrade materials before having the options to use those materials.

So my feedback is : Double inventory space. Food and upgrade materials should have their own separate section. And add a storage chest early.



Inventory feels very restrictive. I have put down the game until later iterations because It zapped the fun away for me.

I wanted to try different builds, but i felt that i had to commit to one because i didnt have space for all the gear.

I also wanted to experiment with enchanting and infusing, but again i found myself just selling or discarding most of the gear i found because i had no space to store it and go experiment with it later.

I thought gathering was too punishing because i often found myself force to go back to town to stash away ores and gems, or forced to run by them and ignore them.

Having to run back to my chest to get materials for crafting or tp upgrade the base also felt very tedious.

I would advocate for infinite or massive inventory chest back at base, with more locations to access the chest, and a craft from chest feature. For character inventory, infinite might be too much to ask, but at least make it larger.


I agree with the second point, and I would like the vendors to consider what I have in storage. That would be a great QoL.


FULLY AGREE! Crafting items in my storage should be available for any sort of crafting!


I’m 16 hours in. I don’t feel like playing anymore because I have no more storage in my community chest or my character and I often need to sacrifice useful food item or wood because they’re not too hard to get. I tend to have 1 to 4 empty spots in my inventory for materials when leaving Sacrament right now. They need to figure out storage asap.

My guess is that their playtesters were either given empty inventory when starting their play-session and only played for short sessions, or were given multiple storage option from the get-go. I can’t believe storage issues was never brought up early in development if they actually tested the game from a new player perspective.


I’m also 16 hours in. I used two methods to help with inventory management:
1- buy a house and fill it with chests ( you need to finsh Rats and Raiders Quest)
2- Upgrade inventory by useing Plague Ichor, and you can farm it by going on new ralem and kill the fisrt boss and take the bounties especially the Within Our Walls bounty. ( there is a video on YouTube showing how to farm. Its called: No Rest for the Wicked - How to farm Plague Ichor ( Upgrade Inventory ). The Chanel Name: Tude

Hope this helps you.