General Feedback - Gameplay + QoL/Accessibility + Issues

Hello, Aeolux here, I’ve been helping other games as consultant and usually I try to share as much feedback as possible when something really tingles me and the games likes me as much as No Rest For The Wicked.


  • Fire status: Multiple games actually makes your fire status shorter if you roll, that way you can avoid that damage a bit if you’re fast enough rolling, it is really common in the industry.

  • Items durability: Not as much as solid feedback, but I had the feeling that the items breaks easily. Maybe I’m the only one who felt that way or maybe others do.

  • Inventory is full → trying to loot new items: An option that a lot of games does about this is opening the same screen as looting screen, but suggesting you to discard/replace an item by the one that you have.


  • Player Stash: If I have some items saved in my stash, like copper ore or anything else like that, if I go for example, to the Blacksmith would be awesome if it actually counts those items in my stash, instead of need to carry them in my inventory. I think this is a basic QoL feature that most games add eventually, or even the community try to mod in most games that has similar options. Since our inventory limit really makes us someway limited, it is a bit annoying to save some sort of stuff in your stash, and need to go back there to actually “upgrade” or “build” something. It is a waste of time for the player to walk those ways multiple time due to the inventory limit, which is ok, but this solution would solve it and wouldn’t break any game mechanic since you’re already in the town.

  • UI/UX colors low visibility: The colors selection is fine for the theme, but maybe not the best for the player to have it in a simple sight. For example the darker green in the stamina circle, is not always really clear and can lead you to cannot be able to actually see it properly. Maybe a color selector or just a color blind scheme would really help on this, probably other people can find other colors as confusing as this one, but in my personal opinion the most annoying one was the stamina bar.

  • Highlighting interactive items: I know the game has a great art, in my case mostly is not an issue, but sometimes a simple button prompt to know when I can just cut a tree, or if I’m near, they just “glow” as many other games do, could be really helpful for some people so they don’t get confused by the beautiful art, I know some of them like the plants, or the “wood” after chopping it kind glow, but still the veins or the tree itself doesn’t and you have to be always checking the top of your screen to see if the “Push Y to ***” appears.

  • Descriptions: Spell descriptions are not really clear in the inventory system, and could be really nice to have the same button as we have in the statistics tab to check a better description of each stat and skills. Having information is always nice, yes, we all like to be cryptic (I’m staring at you From Soft)


  • Performance: Drops to 40-50 fps with a 7950x3D/4090/64GB RAM in the city depending on the moment, 1440p everything maxed out.

Maybe I’ll update it with more feedback, I’ve only played barely 5-6 hours and exploring the 100% of each zone. Such a wonderful job guys :slight_smile:

As a Ori fan, I’m really proud of how Moon Studios just stepped up with this game, I don’t know how it will go, but definitely is a huge work that you made here.


This is all great feedback!

This is Good feedback feeling the same with the item Durability from the collectign gadgets and the Armor and weapons they Break to fast and the costs are to high especialy in the early game. Trying new enemys and die learning her move feels not funny at the moment with the current durability system.

and the Items in the Player stash should be always counting in the city for crafting its anoying to go back to the stash every time you forget how much items you needed.

Iloved The Ori game and i like the overall gameplay and the artstyle from this game great work.