Some feedback after playing Wicked for 50 hours

First of all, I can’t express enough how much I love your game. Playing it reminded me of the old good days of playing Bloodborne for the very first time. The story, gameplay, combat, and art style - all are magnificent accomplishments. On top of that, the way you communicate with your community is stellar. There are a few things, though, that could still be improved. I thought I’d share some feedback on NRFTW. I may be totally wrong with some of the stuff that I came up with, but perhaps some of these random thoughts and ideas will be helpful to the devs. Also, I’m more than happy to hear anyone else’s thoughts on my feedback. (Sorry if any of this has already been discussed and it’s redundant).

  • I feel like the “Load” stat should affect the capacity of equipment. Maybe +5 slots available to unlock with every 3 points in “Load”?
  • Having a chance to respec, even when it’s paid, would be amazing.
  • Being able to compare an unequipped item with an equipped one (like in every other CRPG game) would be great.
  • A separate chest where you can store non-shareable items before you have a chance to buy a house and keep chests there would be a nice addition. I do realize there’s no multiplayer yet, but when it’s eventually available, I’d love to have a chance to keep some items just for myself when playing co-op with my friends. (I know! It’s selfish :slight_smile:
  • Better stamina usage visibility. Just a slightly lighter green color for stamina would probably be enough.
  • Real-time countdown for crafting is really annoying, and I can’t see how it’s improving gameplay.
  • There should be a chance to get an inserted gem back if a player is ready to destroy an item (similarly to how it works with runes, or how it works in Grim Dawn).
  • A possibility to try out a weapon and its movement with a penalty when a character’s stats are not high enough. I believe Thomas mentioned this one is going to be introduced in the next update.
  • A chance to restart the beginning of the game (the intro chapter on the ship).
  • An option to skip animation (when a specific key/controller button is pressed) when creating a new crucible. I know it lasts only seconds, but still, if you’re a moron like me and you die often, this animation becomes annoying very quickly. (I know! Git gud!).
  • It would be good to know a bit more about an item or blueprint before I want to buy it.
  • Furnace, sawmill, etc. - a button to “collect all” crafted items would be great.
  • A clearer description/explanation of what plague, electricity, etc., actually do.

Can’t wait for the moment when you launch Wicked 1.0.

Good luck!