Quality of life feedback

Thanks Moon Studios.

Wicked is overall a phenomenal game. Just finished my first run (finished sewers) and looking forward to hopping back in and making builds around specific weapons.

A few points of feedback around QoL (inventory being the most critical):

  • It feels like food from the previous tier drops off too quickly. Perhaps you could add new recipes that use double of the lower tier items, or a recipe that blends the food (e.g. soup) with one herb from the higher tier to keep your old food relevant.
  • The town building aspects are great but the starting inventory space is too limiting. I feel like you could doubt the size of all tabs, the reward from ichor, and the community chest and it’d be in a good spot.
  • I think infinite or 99 stacking of respecting may help with the inventory management as well.
  • You should be able to replace gems with other gems (destroying the original one in the weapon).

The positives that really stuck out to me:

  • Combat is pitch perfect, perfect speed, weight, etc. just a fantastic job translating the souls combat to isometric.
  • Exploration is fantastic, and the verticality is impressive, shortcuts feel rewarding (especially given limited fast travel). Orban Glades above Mariners Keep is a great example, just keeps going up.
  • The sound design and visual design is great and really plays into the combat. I can often judge parry timing just on sound alone which blew me away.
  • Weapon customizability and stat scaling. Very fun finding a weapon and building a build around it, particularly with the different options for both pure damage stat and hybrid damage stat options. Gems, runes and enchants are all great customization options.


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