Some request about new functions

After my experience nearly 90 hours of this game I find that I do realy fall in love with it , but we all know it has many aspects that can be improved and I’m going to give some advice. First one is item lock , I used to destroy and sale equips and resources by mistake, we did have reminder interface before these operate but we still may make mistakes when doing some batch operation. Second, allow player to use the materials stored in the inventory box when upgrading weapons,frequent round-trip to houses and blacksmiths is a great waste of time and patience, I belive that it could make the play experince much more convenient if you add this setment.Last need is about the coutomization of keys,but I heard that it has been added to the update aricle so I think it wouldn’t be a problem soon. You have released 6 updates in 8 days even on weekends,this makes me feel the importance you attach to the development of the game and the feedback of players and community,you guys should really be proud of it and keep on it, i do realy Looking forward to the development of No Rest for the Wicked.