Inventory Management

Hi guys, I’m loving the game so far, the combat is pretty rewarding and I love the world, I like that you guys combined so many things, arpg, souls like, and a bit of survival, but I think the inventory space is more like a survival instead of a souls like/arpg, I’ve only been playing for 8 hours and I’m already maxing not only my inventory but my stash, I think giving more inventory space overall would be amazing for the game as I end up having to go back to the city to store things and sort my inventory and that takes me out of the immersion, please guys fix this I beg you.


Inventory space is super punishing. I know you upgrade it eventually but even after picking more resource space with the vial thing, it was only about 20 minutes later before it was full again.

Resources should stack infinitely. Having multiple stacks of 20 taking up spots in your inventory is rough

Also, when your inventory is full, you can’t see the stats of an item on the ground without destroying an item in your inventory and then picking that item up


I think a better way would be to give us a Warehouse contruction project in Sacrament. We can store things there infinitely but it can only store low tier mats initially (E.g. Copper, Pine wood)and each time you upgrade it, it allows you to store the next tier (E.g. Iron, Spruce Wood). And these mats can be accessed by any crafting station in Sacrament so no need to run back and forth.


I think you can eventually buy a house and more storage chests.

I want to have fun and explore and pick up everything I see. Currently how it works is instead I stopped exploring because I was always full and going back to town is annoying.

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I did, I already beat the game, have a house full of medium chests that can hold 20 things, it still sucks