Biggest problem I have with the game so far: inventory

I see everyone talking about all sorts of stuff, even how they would inprove the combat system. I have no actual complaints about most of the stuff. After a few hours in the game most of the “more food please” and “the game is too hard” goes away. Enemies that the first time killed you 20 times are now a joke, even when starting from scratch a new character. The first boss, the first time I died like 15 times and barely managed to kill him. With the second character on a new world, 1 hour later after I beat him the first time, a complete joke, the poor bastard didn’t even touch me. Most problems that I see people complaining about are not even real problems.

My biggest problem in the game is what I consider to be the worse inventory system I’ve seen in the past few years.

The fix is really easy:

  1. When I open a chest in any of my houses I want to see all chests as tabs so I don’t have to use pen & paper to write down what is each of the 20 chests for.
  2. When I go to a workstation or shop to upgrade I want to be able to just use the items that I have in any of my stashes and if I want to sell, I would like to see all of the stashes as tabs. Same for cooking inside of Sacrament, if I have ingredients in any of my stashes, just let me cook.

I thought about the character inventory and at first I thought that it would need to be bigger, especially the ingredients tab, but if I can just go home and put everything in a box, and then just go to any fire in town and cook, or upgrade without carying all the materials with me to the vendor, I think it would just fix the “not enough space” problem.