Inventory changes needed ASAP

A limited Inventory system really only punishes your most comitted players who spend a LOT of time checking out every single corner of the world. Especially the food/ressource tab is ridiculously small and could easly get 5/10 slots bigger on lvl 1 or even better, you just seperate food/cooking stuff from metal/gem and upgrading materials.
Also the community chest should probably be like an Ender chest from minecraft and accesable from multiple locations in the city (ideally where the shops are)


Totally agree. I’m the kind of player who wants to explore the whole area before moving on to the next, but it got frustrating after a while because I ran out of inventory space. I get that it becomes easier once you get to the town and start crafting items to hold more stuff, but I was really aching for some extra space as I explored every nook and cranny of the first area before going for the town.

I like the resource harvesting mechanics overall, I just want more space to put all my stuff.

I don’t feel rewarded for exploring as the reward is me having to run back and deposit stuff was a pain in the butt.