General feedback and all the major problems I found for now (8 hours of playtime)

The good
I’m liking A LOT this game for now. Combat is immersive, you actually feel your attacks and the enemies attacks. Exploration is quite good (especially level design). I didnt encountered any bug for now, except for some missing in-game texts or some graphic glitches. Nothing that cant be easily patchable. The story isnt incredibile like oh my god what will happen next but i’m following it with quite interest. The art-style is obviusly the best part of this game. The characters, the animations, the cutscenes are very VERY well made even in this ea build. The world feels alive, there is actually already a lot of lore hidden in dialogues, statues, and the various diaries and manifests that u can find exploring, so also this side is good.

The bad
The inventory. This type of inventory shouldn’t exist. It is too much frustrating. I’m constricted to return to Sacrament every 10 minutes because of all the materials that there are in this game. I know that you can build chests, but only with a house, and i still after 8 hours didnt understand where i can buy it (probably with a quest, idk). I know there is already a chest avaiable BUT the loot in this game is so much that also that chest is constantly full of materials, weapons and armors. So please at least make that chest infinite, so that i dont have any time to worry in what i HAVE, and dont want to sell and what not. Another bad aspect is the waiting time for the construction projects, i mean why they exists? They dont follow the time in-game, they follow the in-real time so it totally makes no sense their existence. Also they totally nullify speedruns, 'cause there is no way to reduces that timers. Please cancel them instantly. Then there is the perfomances issues, but i’m not complaying it as it’s common for an ea to have optimization issues, so no problem i’ll wait some patches, like dlss and these other things. The last bad aspect that i found for now is also the rewarding of exploration. I understood that the chests always refill after some time passed in game, so u can return and re-loot the zone, but in this way i think that all the loot i’m obtaining is useless and not satisfying to search and get. The only unique weapon that i found for now is the one dropped from the boss, so anything from my explorations or from hidden chests.

That’s it. I love this project and i know it will be polished and fixed in the future. I’ll continue to play to see how will be the building system and the other bosses and zones. Bye!


I agree that a better way of managing an “overspill” inventory would be great. I haven’t ran into the community chest filling yet, but now that you’ve mentioned it I am dreading it.