Feedback after 12 hours!

Hello there! I’ve been enjoying the game a lot, it has a lot of potential.
Here is my feedback from my first 12 hours:

  • First, I would suggest too give an option to remove (at least temporary) the time interface that shows after getting to Sacrament, or even removing the entire UI when the player is not in combat, that way we can rejoice ourself with the stunning visuals of the game.

  • Second, I’m begging for explaining runes, effects and other things items may have. Like I still dont know what being on fire does to me, adding a litlle pop window will absolutely help with that.

  • Third, I’ve buyed the furnance from Dosan if im not wrong, but I cannot place ut 'cause i don’t have a house yet, so I think making these furniture not purchasable in all the stores untill you get a house may be for the best.

  • Fourth. PLEASE, don’t put timers on buildings nor materials craftings, I know it may look kinda unrealistic but waiting for 4 hours is crazy. If I got the materials, that’s it, we are not in a gacha game or similar genre games, and Moon Studios confirmed that there were not going to be in-game purchases(which I’m thankful for), so Im suggesting for this to change.

  • The crafting and building system has another problem imo, I think its tedious to go out with the only purpose of farming resources, I think this could be solved by just balancing the amount of resources that the game asks you for. So when doing quests and others you will leverage the source of resources thats able for farming.

  • Fifth, I think this may conflict with the fog of war, but making all the main whispers avaible to fast travel would be great (I think) but I like as well that you need to decide which whisper is the best to make as your portal for Sacrament.

  • And last but not least, The guy from the quests thats near the main whisper and another npc are really bothering me with the same phrase over and over, I know you may have thinked of adding more dialougues for this npc, but I would suggest that they will stay quiet some of the time you pass by them.

That’s it for my first feedback, I’m loving the game and even being on EA it’s currently the best game I’ve played this year so far. Thank you for hearing :slight_smile: