Feedback + a few suggestions

Hello everyone,

I’dl like to start this thread saying that I really like the game. Not everthing of course but there are a lot of great idea and the potential is absolutely awesome !
The artistic direction is gorgeous. Some definitely won"t like it because it is “strange” but it creates a unique tone to the game that perfectly fit the story and the mechanics. Exploration is awesome thanks to this high quality level design. Combats are usually very fun too, altough very frustrating at times.

My overall opinion about the game is very positive but of course, some things doesn’t work at all in my opinion.
I especially don’t like the “mobile game” feeling I have with all those real time timers.

I played for something like 15 hours and plan to do the game again so that’s “first impression” suggestions and feeback.
What I have in mind right now. I will edit from time to time.

1) Real Time Timer are not fun
When I want to craft an item or upgrade my sword, I just want to do it. That’s not the kind of things I want to plan between 2 dungeons ! If I need 4 ingots, I just want 4 ingots without having to wait 16 minutes. That’s not fun at all in my opinion.

It also apply to sleeping… If I logout for 2 hours, I don’t have bonuses.
It is eventually fine for buildings, but not “good” in my opinion.


  • Just create a system like the collecting system. Character is “working” for a few seconds per ingots/leather/… next to the workstation, and after 4 seconds I have my 2 ingots. Ingots and leather are just exemple.
  • Resting in an inn/bed is just a fade out/fade in with full health when the character wake up. Bonuses could apply or not depending the type of bed (like if you rest for free, no bonuses, if you pay for a better bed/room you have a bonus).

2) Collecting ressources is too slow + tool durability
We need a lot of ressources for various things and that’s pretty cool, but there aren’t enough spots to gather and looking at our character cut the tree for 30 seconds is boring. In other words : I’m perfectly fine with farming in general, but I find farming currently tedious in the game.

T1 tools have to hit 6 times to collect 1 item which is too slow.
It currently is ok when you go backwards (with T2 tools for T1 ressources), but not when you move forwards.
On top of that, cleaning the entire T1 map take a long time for a very limited number of ressources.


  • T1 tools should be 3 hit on T1 ressources and 6 on T2 ressources. T2 tools should be 3 hit ont T2 ressources and 6 on T3 and so on. Minimum hit could be 3 no matter what.
  • Better tools give more lower tier ressources.

Exemple in T1 area

  • With T1 tools I hit 3 times and have the regular loot (1 wood / tree)
  • With T2 tools I hit 3 times but have a chance to loot more ressources (2 wood / tree).
    => Having better tools would still matter, but for good reasons ! On top of that, item durability would be less frustrating (3 hits most often rather than 6).

3) It is extremely hard to compare items
When you loot an item and highlight it in your inventory you can see if it will upgrade or downgrade a few values if you equip it, but that’s it ! What about passive bonuses ? What about the item level ? What about the runes and so on… You have to check manually, and remember everything before looking again at the new item.


  • Use a classic comparisson system. When your cursor is on an item in your inventory, the tooltip of the equiped item also appear.

4) Walking back and forth towards ou chest(s) is boring
There are a lot of ressources in the gam, wich is very cool… but when I want to upgrade my gear I have to remember what component I need, go back to my chest, take them (and eventually stock other because inventory management…), get back to the workshop, upgrade my item, then put back everything I haven’t used back in chest.


  • All items in chests should be considered as “in inventory” when it comes to crafting/upgrade/enchant and so on.
    Same for component “refinement” (like skin in leather and things like that).

5) I struggled to understand the weapon/armor upgrade system !
It was a pain between level 7 and level 11 because I never upgrade my gear. Thought it was unimplemented yet because nothing happened when I click the “upgrade” button. The toolitp showing the number of ressources is slow and I didn’t even noticed it.


  • Add a message like “you don’t have the required component to upgrade this item” + highlight the required materials area in the tooltip when someone try to upgrade but don’t have the component. Currently nothing happen, which is wierd.

6) In the “building menu” (Sacrament, talking to Danos)
We should see the amount of ressources necessary AND the ressources we already gave without having to click on each building. It is unecessary, take time for nothing and don’t give a clear/fast overview.

Will stop there for now, even if I have plenty other things in mind. Have to think about it before writing !
Have a good day/night !



These are all my main issues with the game so far too. The game is incredible, but then there’s some tedious stuff that breaks up the pacing. I don’t mind scavenging for resources, but I was kind of baffled when the tree only dropped one log

Great feedback. Agree with all the points.

I would add that when the inventory is full automatically it should send items to storage or at least give you the choice and maybe teleporting from whisper to whisper would be convenient.

Also I would like to have starting classes with passives and choose a fixed starting weapon, but I don’t know if that is what the developers want.


Hi, I just say thi,s: GREAT GAME!

In my opinion you could add in a future, some kind of bestiary to show the main caratteristics and mabye some lore about the enemies we fight.

Another thing wich could make better quality of life, is on the inventory, add on the item, a menù to make a comparrison with item current equipped.

For now, I m just arrived on Sacrament, so this is the beginning of the game, and what I see is a splendid adventure with a great atmoshpere, also a great level design, combat SYS and world building so inspired!

Keep going this way !!

Best regards